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Best pho in Houston?

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I'm staying in the medical center and looking for great pho. Any recs for places nearby- I have a car and don't mind driving 15-20 mins or so, even to bellaire if needed. Thanks!

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  1. Pho Binh Trailor on Beamer. Its 15-20 minute drive. Rich broth, ask for extra beef fat.

    Pho Binh
    2021 Mangum Rd, Houston, TX 77092

    1. Wow that place sounds amazing but they close at 4pm and I am looking for pho for dinner tomorrow. Any other recs?

      1. Really like Pho One off of Westheimer. Nice light broth, good noodles, little light on the meat but that's OK.

        Pho One
        11148 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

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          Pho One is my place, (just five minutes from my house), but it's quite the schlep from the Med Center.

          Hopefully someone will remind me of the place in midtown that would be just a hop skip and jump...

          Pho One
          11148 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

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            Look up Cafe TH formerly Thiem Hung, and see if they serve pho at dinner time. Used to be a lunch only place, but I think they do dinner now. owner is a super nice guy, and its a great place to eat.

        2. Cafe th looks good but they don't have pho ga (chicken) on their menu. All of the pho is beef combinations only. Looks like I'm out of luck.

          1. The one I was thinking of is Pho Saigon at Milam and Tuam.

            I've only been there once, but I thought it was pretty good. You have to look for it, but it's there.

            Pho Saigon
            2808 Milam St Ste D, Houston, TX 77006

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              Thought I'd bump this post too - any new input on favorite Pho, without geographic or meat restrictions?

              (I should say my expectations are high, because my formerly houstonian friend would turn up her nose in disdain to our favorite pho place in St Louis. This place actually included OXTAIL in their 'deluxe pho'...)

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                  this is a rec from my vietnamese friends.

                  Thien An in midtown.

                  I am allergic to MSG, so as soon as I have a sip of beef broth that has MSG, I can tell.

                  I haven't yet tried Pho Binh, but I can say that many of places in town use MSG to get that flavor. Thien An doesn't use MSG. (at least not the amount that I can detect)

                  Pho Ngon on Bellaire is not bad either.

            2. Well, since this thread has been anemic and I'm sure the OP has already come and gone, I figured I'd take it up a bit. I do now have an unofficial goal of trying as many different pho places in town as feasible, and within tolerance of my cholesterol!

              To that end, I'll go ahead and report one of our experiences so far:

              Pho Ga Dakao
              Ga, apparently is Chicken in Vietnamese, and so this place specializes in just Pho made with chicken and chicken broth. How can that be as good as beef broth, especially when the few times I've had it at other Pho places it truly has been watery with canned broth flavor?

              Well, I guess if it's all you do, you do a pretty darned good job. This was truly exceptional. The stock had an amazing depth without being heavy, and the chicken pieces were remarkably rich in flavor as well. You can order it with all types of offal including gizzard (incredibly tender), heart, liver, and neck. The herb offerings are slightly different with typical basil and sprouts, but this time we had 'rau ram', aka laksa leaf or vietnamese coriander. Slight bite and grassy with some mint notes, but really quite nice with the broth and rice noodles.

              My wife had the Hainanese chicken rice, and while it had a Vietnamese spin, I think this is the first Hainanese chicken rice we've had in the US that really deserved the name. Comes with fish sauce for dipping (obviously not standard for the Chinese version, but tasty just the same) as well as some pickled cabbage and extra helping of that amazing chicken broth. But of course, the highlight is the rice itself - not sure if they do what's tradition - saute the rice kernels in chicken fat and then cook in chicken broth - but it's mighty tasty with the delicious chicken broth infused in the rice.

              Now that we've had this, I can understand why the OP was requesting this! Really worth the trip to try at least once!

              11778 Bellaire Blvd
              Houston, TX 77072
              Neighborhood: Alief

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                I like it that the OP said (s)he'd even go to Bellaire if necessary! I have no idea what the implication is, but it's funny!

              2. I took a bunch of friends to the Pho Binh on Westheimer and Fountainview. Everyone loved it. Many of them trying it first time..