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Nov 10, 2011 10:57 AM

Norcini - Santa Monica Place

If you want the most comprehensive selection of salumeria and cheese go to Norcino located in the Market at Santa Monica Place. This is the creation of Piero Selvaggio and nobody sources ingredients better than Piero. Primi has closed but Norcini is going strong and has gotten me through many Sundays of football watching. See pics below.

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  1. Good to know, thanks for posting.

    How does the selection and price compare to Cheese Shop Beverly Hills, Wally's, etc?

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    1. re: vinosnob

      I can't compare as I haven't been to the Cheese Shop in years, but for the quality and selection Norcino seems reasonable.

      1. re: lizziee

        The Cheese Shop in Beverly Hills is the gold standard.
        It has no peer. Norbert probably knows more about cheese than anyone I have ever met. The cheese counter at Surfas, although small, has a lovely selection of cheese and charcuterie. Both The Cheese Shop in Beverly Hills and Surfas in Culver City are very generous with samples.

        1. re: maudies5

          I agree that Norbert is great, but what distinguishes Norcini is the salumeria.

          1. re: lizziee

            Did it change it's name to Norcini recently? I thought it used to be called a different name?