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Nov 10, 2011 10:56 AM

need good lunch spot north of University district up to around greater Northgate area

Just looking around on Urbanspoon, etc. and feel like I am seeing same old same, or maybe names are just too familiar and I am not clear what is really tasty.

Hoping for something in a quieter stretch so parking won't be a bear wherever we are.

Meeting a very busy friends for lunch tomorrow and hoping to 'split the difference' between them in Edmonds and me in West Seattle so settled on this area, where I don't go very often to eat, and I was asked to pick a resto.

Thanks chowfriends!

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  1. Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon would be on my short list.

    Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon
    8917 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

    1. Too late for today - I've only been once, but really liked the green chile pork on biscuit at Nook - it's still on the Ave. but North enough to usually find parking. Not super comfortable, but very comforting.

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      1. re: tsquare

        Thanks for your rec.'s Leper and tsquare, know your names from around the boards here.
        We re-scheduled to next week due to a conflict.

        Seems interesting that only u two had a suggestion; I think there is a dearth of good lunch spots in N. Seattle! Plenty for dinner, but really had trouble finding something truly compelling for lunch in that corridor.
        Any further ideas are welcome. I frequently have this dilema with my folks, who are also well travelled chowhounds.
        They live in Edmonds, and I in West Seattle so we often try to meet somewhere in between so neither is schleping the 45-60 minutes between, especially in the nearly allways traffic mess.
        For breakfast or brunch, we frequent Portage Bay Cafe or Costa's if a bigger extended family group. For dinner we like to meet at Saffron Grille for indian (tho I think it is a tad pricey), or head to one of many options in Wallingford like Joule, or Bizzaro.
        For lunch, not so much....

        Portage Bay Cafe
        4130 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98105

        1. re: gingershelley

          Sunflour Cafe, maybe? I had brunch there once and found it charming. There's a new Mexican place on Roosevelt &80th, which I haven't tried since I always just wait to go home to California for Mexican, and apparently the Flying Squirrel pizza on 5th opened. Honestly if I'm in that area, it's because I'm meeting my sister and her kids for brunch at Kona kitchen on a Sunday, where the Spam fried rice cures my hangover.