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Nov 10, 2011 10:41 AM

Romantic picnic location, bringing food, wine, and blanket, any suggestions?

Looking for a spot to bring a picnic to the first weekend in December, to celebrate an anniversary. I know it will be cold but some wine cheese and cards would make the right spot work well. Willing to drive 30 or 40 minutes from Philadelphia. All help is much appreciated.


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  1. Might be a little too chilly but Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square might work.

    Keep in mind that "timed ticketing" is now required.

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    1. re: Sydneyeats

      In Hamilton, N. J. the Grounds for Sculpture might be perfect. THey have warm indoor
      buildings as well if it gets too chilly. Have to check out hours of operation, and fees,which
      vary by the day you choose.

      1. re: Bashful3

        Perfect, wonderful venue. Enjoy the statues of Dana Stewart

        1. re: Delucacheesemonger

          That's a really good suggestion. You could even consider going to Fairmount park, and they are doing the tours of the houses there which are decorated for the holidays. I am not sure what the open container laws are for Fairmount Park though. Anyone know?

          1. re: cwdonald

            Are you allowed to bring wine to these places? Thanks a ton for all of the suggestions. Ya I wasn't sure how the open container law was exactly

            1. re: soccerericl

              No alcohol in the City's parks. No outside food or beverages at Longwood Gardens or Grounds for Sculpture.

              It would probably be easier to do in a City park (Fairmount, FDR is a personal fav), but I would suggest disguising your beverages.

              1. re: urbanfabric

                To clarify the Longwood Gardens statement, they have a specific picnic area that is outside of the Longwood Gardens main grounds but accessible only through the grounds where outside food is permitted. I do not know the rules about alcohol there.


                1. re: cwdonald

                  I don't think it's accessible through the grounds, I think it's down the road, on the other side of Longwood Road. Since it is private property, and given that the serve alcohol at the Gardens, I doubt they'd mind.

                2. re: urbanfabric

                  While it's true that there is no alcohol in City parks, if you are remotely discreet about it and not causing problems, no one will bother you about it.

        2. re: Sydneyeats

          Longwood's picnic area, although designated for visitors only, doesn't require a ticket for entry. It's located on a public road (Longwood Road) and the entrance to the picnic area is just outside the entrance to Longwood's parking lot. I've never seen a sign there prohibiting alcohol.

        3. Morris Arboretum in Chestnut Hill.

          1. Chantacleer allows alcohol I believe.

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            1. re: Bigley9

              I was going to suggest Chanticleer as well, since it definitely allows alcohol. However, I believe their season ended on October 30 and won't reopen until March.

              1. re: gaffk

                Thanks for catching that gaffk. I wasn't thinking about the season!

                1. re: Bigley9

                  I wonder if the Morris Arboretum allows alcohol? I did a quick scan of their site, and see picnics are allowed (though restricted to behing the visitors center). They're open year-round and have the holiday railroad display as well. As a member, you'd think I'd know their policies.

            2. MAYBE one of the Bucks County wineries could accomodate you. Most have ample outdoor seating. And alcohol consumption shouldn't be an issue. Just wonder when the season is over.

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              1. re: Chinon00

                I contacted several bucks county wineries about a picnic just before Hurricane Irene and almost all were welcome and willing to have us picnic there. Just have to buy their wine! Rosebank in Newtown and Crossings Vineyards in Washington's Crossing are nice.

              2. Probably too late now - but maybe worth considering for the future. This house is part of Fairmount Park - even though over on the Delaware and is just in the city in Torresdale. Wonderful place- empty most the time. Great views up and down the river... Glen Foerd