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Nov 10, 2011 10:39 AM

Le Creuset #28 or #32 au gratin dish?

Hi there, I'm having trouble with finding out which Le Creuset Au gratin dish holds 2 qts. I'm trying to pick one up on eBay to round out my au gratin collection and there are conflicting volumes in the descriptions. I even emailed Le Creuset and all they would say was that they no longer make a cast iron 2 qt dish! Can you help me? I know I'm going to have to buy used but don't want to get the wrong size.

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  1. They make only a 1 and 3 qt. Try some Le Creuset outlets, remaindered things end up in them. Otherwise keep an eye out on E-Bay

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    1. re: Candy

      Hi, Candy, yes I have the new 1 and 3, but am shopping eBay for the 2 qt and am not sure if it would be a #28 or you know?

      1. re: Callalily

        It is not in their catalog at all. Just the 1 &3. Those #'s you are not listed at all. In the LC stoneware there are a number of sizes available and there is one that is 1 7/10's quart capacity. The nice thing is that it easy to lift when full

        1. re: Candy

          Hi, that is why I have to get it in eBay. They don't make them anymore. Thanks!

    2. 2 qts = 8 cups liquid (64 oz).
      I filled an 8 C Pyrex measuring cup with water to try to answer your question.
      #28 does not hold all the water
      #32 holds the water to the top of the gratin dish (no room for bubbling, etc)
      #34 holds the water with about 1/3" - 1/2" left to the top

      Hope this helps in your quest
      P.S. I would use the #34 because I dislike cleaning oven spills

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      1. re: Sherri

        Thank you for doing that Sherri! That is so helpful! I'll probably get the 32 since I have the 36 already and will have 1, 2, 3 qt then. Maybe some #20's...for individual servings...

        1. re: Callalily

          I use the 32 for so many things. I especially like to roast some potatoes, either alone or with onions or carrots, in olive oil, salt, and rosemary or thyme, and then ten minutes before the veg are done, push them to the sides and roast a piece of fish.

          It's just the right size for making enough for two. If I had to cook more, I'd go for the 36.

          I also use it for mac and cheese and fruit desserts (crisps and such).

          1. re: Jay F

            Sounds perfect! There's only the 2 of us here at home now. Now for my search! I'll let ya know what color I get!