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Nov 10, 2011 10:27 AM

The Bachelor Farmer - who has been and can comment

It just got a four star review in the Star Tribune, so I'm curious to hear what people think...

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  1. It was good, but not worth the total hype. I would rather pay those prices at Alma.

    1. I went with two friends, and we were all impressed. I think it's deserving.

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        So, after seeing so many "downs," I read Dara's take in MN Monthly. Apparently, by luck or skill, my party can navigate a menu. We seemed to avoid a lot of the misses. We had the poached eggs, pea soup...things one normally doesn't order expecting much, but ended up very complex in delivery.
        Now, reading all the mixed reviews, I too am mixed...I'm worried a second trip will not do justice to our initial meal!

      2. I agree with chadradchad. I personally was not impressed, however I had the special - pork tenderloin and pork belly - which had no texture or flavor. Popovers were good. I also got the beet toast which was a great way to start. I'm glad I tried it, but there are a dozen more deserving restaurants that will win my patronage over Bachelor Farmer.

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          12 restaurants in front of this. That's a thought. I don't get out enough to know of 12 I'd put ahead of BF. It's not often that Minneapolis gets an infusion of talent from outside. We do love our hometown heroes, but there is something to be experienced in tasting food that comes from palates that are trained elsewhere.

          BF lamb sausage appetizer (months ago now) was the best sausage I've tasted in town.

          Making your own toasts is a social and playful process I would say is simply inventive.

          The wine auction board, if they're still doing it, is an outstanding way to broaden the wine offering and is brilliant by itself.

          BF won't float every boat, but it is a definite sweet spot.

        2. I went early on and loved it, but have not been able to align a reservation and babysitter since, dammit!

          Get your drink at the Marvel Bar and bring it up, though — much better than the upstairs bar (and all they have to eat downstairs are cheetos, which can be amazingly yummy in their own right...)

          1. We went about a month ago. I think had we stopped after appetizers and toasts, I would have said definitely - 4 stars. These dishes were delicious and on-par with some of the other best places I have visited in the Twin Cities lately. I agree with keg that I also loved the wine program concept. They will open a 1/2 bottle of anything on the menu (for 1/2 of the menu price) and then put the remaining two glasses on a board. You can order glasses off the board (for 1/4 of the bottle price). It is a nice way to expand the by the glass and 1/2 bottle options. We definitely took advantage of the increased options and liked what we tried. I tried a glass of white Burgundy from the board and we split a 1/2 bottle of pinot noir from the list - both of which were quite good.

            However, the entrees and desserts were fine, but not particularly interesting.

            Therefore, as a total picture it is more of a 3 or 3 and 1/2 star sort of place - but I would like to go back and perhaps try it more as a "small plates" sort of place as I think I could happily make a meal out of the appetizers and toasts - they really were delicious...and maybe have a cocktail for dessert downstairs...the Marvel bar does make awesome drinks!

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              I didn't think of it this way at the time, but I would totally agree that the starters were the stars and the entrees and (especially) desserts were nothing special. We had probably 5 apps - butter lettuce salad, kale soup, eggs with cured salmon, charcuterie plate, and Camembert toast. All were extremely good except the toast - I wasn't sure how they could not make Camembert amazing but it wasn't really. For entrees I split the chicken with a friend and it was fine, but not amazing. My husband can't even remember what he got - which I guess is the definition of forgettable. Similarly, for dessert I'm blanking a bit but it was maybe an apple tart with ice cream. It definitely was not anything worth repeating.

              Considering we just had a flawless meal at Saffron, I definitely wouldn't say that BF is the best in the city