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Nov 10, 2011 09:38 AM

Best Beef Stroganoff in NYC or the boroughs?

Where can I find outstanding "classic" beef stroganoff? (I know there's a lot of debate about authenticity here?) Willing to travel to any borough. Help!

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  1. Well not sure how authentic it will be for you, but believe or not strogonoff is a very common dish in Brazil. Via Brasil in 46 street has a very good one, it's Brazilian style, served over rice. You can find it in most of the Brazilian restaurants in NY.

    1. Veselka, on Second Avenue and 9th Street has great beef stroganoff served over noodles. All of their other Eastern European dishes are equally good. It's not a fancy setting, but you'll get good home cooked meals at reasonable prices. Enjoy!

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        The beef stroganoff in Veselka is pretty good indeed. I had one there last night. But the best beef stroganoff I've had in New York City was in Balthazar on the corner of Spring and Crosby streets. It is slightly more expensive but is worth trying.