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Nov 10, 2011 09:05 AM

Hello Cafe is gone!!!!

Every second Wednesday in the non-summer months I go into Philadelphia from Trenton to play chamber music on Queen Street. After playing I have lunch a the Hello Cafe on Washington Avenue, a wonderful Hong Kong restaurant. Yesterday I found that it was gone and will replaced by a Vietnamese place. I am shocked and stunned, since it was my favorite restaurant.

Does anyone have a suggestion of a similar place in the area. Chinatown is not a good choice for me because of the parking difficulty.

Any and all suggestions will be welcomed.

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  1. Wow I never even heard about this place, I wish I knew about it. Too late now I guess.

    There is a Chinese place at 11th & Washington, Wakano, that might have what you want. They also do "Hong Kong" style dim sum every day. I haven't been there though so no idea how good the food is. Plenty of parking.

    I guess you don't want Vietnamese but there are a number of good Vietnamese restaurants in the area, as well as a couple small Cambodian spots down near 7th & Jackson.

    1. I think it's still there, just looks Vietnamese from the outside. I got takeout last week.
      Same shopping center as Ba Le Bakery right?

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      1. re: lost squirrel

        The place is there (it can't go away), but new owners and new cuisine. I miss Hello very much!!!

        1. re: bankcello

          What did you like to eat there? There are a lot of Asian restaurants in the vicinity.

          1. re: barryg

            I liked almost everything. They had a very large menu and very good cooking. I loved the Shanghai noodles, the chow fun, the various hot pots, the rice dishes, etc. The wok hei of the chow fun was as good as it gets. There were dishes I had not encountered previously. An example being a hot pot of sole filets spiced with black pepper. It was a restaurant where any difficulty in ordering was because of the variety offered, rather than the paucity.

            When visiting a Chinese friend in San Francisco I was struck by how much better Hello Cate's food than most of the SF places at which we ate/

            Any comments on the New Golden Palace?

            Golden Palace
            2623 S Delsea Dr, Vineland, NJ 08360