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Nov 10, 2011 08:22 AM

Might have a chance to attend a Mezza-Luna class in montreal, anyone been?

I'm looking for anyone who has attended a class at Mezza Luna, is it worth it, was it fun? what kind of setting is it? how long are the classes, are they even in french or english?? I'd like to snag a few tickets for an upcoming class, but want to know feedback. Anyone have anything? let me know!

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  1. Hi there! I've been to many of their classes in the last 8 years. I love the setting. The teachers do a demo in front of the students, sitting in 3 rows (arrive early enough to get a good spot). The classes are very interactive, sometimes they ask some people to come up and help out. The demo usually lasts for 2:30, then everybody moves to the communal table, family-style, and enjoy what's just been cooked with a glass of wine. Classes are given in French.

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    1. re: mystikdrey

      Dang it... my fiance doesn't understand a whip of french and there is no way I can pass off my translation to justify $250. Dang it, we wanted to get into the class to see Martin Picard cook his fois gras.

      1. re: FollowMe2Adventure

        I took the the Martin Picard classes last year. Yes, it is all in french. You get to eat all the food he makes, and as usual, even the cooking courses he makes alot! If you take the classes with Ms. Faita, she is perfectly bilingual and believe she offers some classes in english.

        1. re: Jaetee

          We're fans of Martin, wanted a chance to dine with him. Would have been awesome. If any foodies hear of him putting on english classes let me know, for now, we'll try to get into his Cabane a sucre for march.

          1. re: Jaetee

            I was looking at courses on their website and, while I didn't see anything specifying the language of instruction, it seemed like the names of some courses were obviously French (Tartes sucrées) and some were English (Italian Vegetarian Dinner)...but it's hard to tell what language "Pizza 2" would be in. Following my logic, I guess it would be in Italian :) The website is very bilingual so I would be surprised if nothing was offered in English - perhaps not the Martin Picard classes, although he does speak English on "The Wild Chef"...

            1. re: stak

              I know, the website doesn't really specify language of the classes and you're right... bilingual site would lead some to believe some classes are in english, but when I called last night I received a busy signal. (can't call during the day since I dont own a cell, and no long distance at work...ottawa) not sure if it's the right number since I'm sure they would have had an answering machine. I tried emailing but still no response, and I even "signed up for the course" with added notes I would give them visa info once someone confirmed the language of the class. Still nothing. If anyone hears more, keep posting.

              1. re: FollowMe2Adventure

                I can't vouch for all of the classes but I wanted to take one of their classes called "fish basics" and when I called, I was informed that the class is taught in french. Looking at the website, you can't really tell whether the class is in english or french. Unfortunate.

                1. re: jonny8

                  Yeah the website confused me with all it's wonderful english, but alas, Mezza Luna finally got back to me and said the class is in French but that martin speaks a bit of english. I certainly don't want to got and expect him to repeat most things in english for us. I'll wait, I'm sure they might eventually have something in english. We have some classes here in ottawa but we just dont have martin or chuck from montreal.

      2. Has anyone done the Pizza+Foccacia, or the Pizza 2 classes at MezzaLuna?

        Alternatively, has anyone done any other pizza dough making class in Montreal? If so, please let me know