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Nov 10, 2011 08:18 AM

Help. I'm desperate to find this recipe from Cook's Slow Cooker Revoultion.

Disclaimer: This is the recipe I'm looking for, not another version. I made this before and it came out fantastic.

HELP.I own the Cook's Illustrated Slow Cooker revolution book, but cant find it in my house. I need the recipe for the spagetti and meatballs( with sauce). I'm throwing my partner a huge retirememnt party on Saturday and today was the day to make the meatballs. I should have looked for the book days ago.

I'm desperate. I cant find the recipe online. I've made it before, it was fabulous, but I cant remember how I did it.
I just joined the online website and its not there either.

Please email to

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  1. I have the book but it's at home and I'm at work. The book is actually *America's Test Kitchen* Slow Cooker Revolution so you may be looking on the wrong site -- try the American's Test Kitchen recipe site. Unfortunately they are not merged and you have to pay to join each.

    I hate this about Taunton, also that the mobile app for the CI site is totally buggy. Yet I love the recipes. I only belong to the CI site I'd send you the recipe...

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      Thanks, I got it. Someone sent it to me. I joined the CI site and it wasnt there. Its free to join ATK, but I dont think its there. I also went to Barnes and Noble and copied it down. Now, I need to find my copy.