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Nov 10, 2011 08:12 AM

Lumberyard, Amherst

Had dinner there with husband last night. He had a burger and beets and I had chicken breast and sweet potato fries.
The beets were delicious -- chunked and served with a nice dressing, coriander and possibly lime? The fries were large (I prefer mine thin, julienned and crisp), with a lot of cumin and an interesting greenish sauce I can't describe. It had mayo in it, herbs.
My chicken breast came on a bed of gnocchi with a cream sauce. A) I haven't had a cream sauce in years and haven't missed it, and B) the gnocchi were tasteless. C) the chicken breast was nicely cooked but didn't have a lot of flavor.
My husband didn't finish his burger (that goes into the record books!) because it wasn't medium rare, just medium. He wasn't thrilled by his meal. Same here.
HOWEVER -- the restaurant is very pretty and the table settings are too. The service was good. The restaurant feels like a place for grownups, with low lighting at night and dark painted walls. I liked that about it. If I were one to go to grown up bars, this would be on my list. Just wish the food was either simpler or better. Maybe we'll try it one more time.

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  1. We ate there last night as well; it was actually the 2nd time we went. I had the burger too and was more lucky than your husband. It was a perfect medium rare and quite delicious. My son had the chicken and gnocci, and I would have loved them had he not eaten all of them before I could snitch off his plate (he did the same thing with the mussels that we were supposed to "share"). The highlight of the meal could have been the side of green beans my wife ordered - delicious.

    As an adult in Amherst, I agree with you on the Lumber Yard being a welcome addition to the severely limited options for places that feels like a place for grown ups. I hope you try it again - we need to keep good restaurant options on this side of the river.

    1. Where is it located, and how long has it been around? I've never heard of it, and we're fairly local!

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        It's on Main Street, half way between the Amtrak Station and Emily Dickinson house. It's been open for a few weeks. I haven't eaten there yet, but I stopped in to look around and was not impressed. The decor is sophisticated, but the menu seems to be pedestrian, lots of burgers, fries, grilled chicken -- nothing very exciting or novel. The restaurant, however, seems to style itself as a more upscale price, complete with upscale prices. At the time I was there, only about two tables in the entire place had diners at them and the hostess advised me that I should probably make a reservation if I wanted to come back. Why would I need a reservation if the place is mostly empty? Wishful thinking on their part maybe.

        Main Street Cafe
        345 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

        1. re: taos

          I disagree with the "pedestrian" tag on the menu. Yes, there is a burger, and it does come with fries, but the burger is delicious, and the option to add a fried egg is the answer to my burger prayers. No grilled chicken on the menu, but my boyfriend's pan-seared free range chicken breast was delicious. We also started with the butternut squash tartar which was delicious and I thought rather innovative--not to mention presented beautifully. We ate as walkins at the bar at about 5:45, and by the time we finished our meal the place was packed. I will definitely be back, especially since I am still dreaming about the amazing molasses brown bread they serve in the bread basket.

          1. re: christinemf83

            I went for the first time over the weekend and loved most everything we ordered. We ate at the bar and started off with a great extra dirty martini. I ordered the frisee scotch egg salad which was a great combination. The chef sent over a complimentary order of mussels which were basic but fantastic- pernod, sausage, white wine, and cream.

            My friend had the roast chicken with gnocchi and said it was amazing. The only thing that was off was the braised fennel which was tasty, but overdone. And yes, the brown bread was great. I love the atmosphere and will definitely be back.