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Nov 10, 2011 06:53 AM

Grand Marnier vs. Triple Sec in Baking

I pretty much have no palate when it comes to alcohol, hence this question. A friend gave me an intriguing sounding pie recipe and, of course, I've can't leave well enough alone. I'm considering spiking the filling when I cook it down and I think that Grand Marnier would be a good flavor match. We generally don't have it in the house, though. What I do have is Triple Sec. Would there be a major difference in flavor if I thow in a splash of Triple Sec rather than Grand Marnier?

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  1. If you're only using a "splash", I think Triple Sec would be fine.

    1. Triple Sec tastes like orange juice (actually I think it tastes like orange tic tacs) and Grand Marnier taste more like orange zest. I've subbed Triple Sec + fresh orange zest in the past and it worked pretty well (and saved me something like $30).