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Nov 10, 2011 06:07 AM

How much sauce per person

In a previous post, I was asking questions about beef tenderloin for 20 guests (quantities, plating ideas etc.). I think everything is under control. Dinner will be buffet-style, and guests will also have sliced turkey with cranberry sauce as a second meat option.
The beef tenderloin will be served with a roasted shallot and Port sauce. My question is: how much sauce should I make? It will be next to the meat in a gravy boat (or two) and there are plenty of side dishes. Would an average of half a cup per person be OK?


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  1. I think half a cup of a rich sauce is really a lot.

    1. People will probably use a ladle... and not go back for more, or take less. How big is the ladle/serving spoon? Half cup per person would be plenty I would think, probably more like 1/4 cup.

      1. Half cup per person sounds about right, but might even want a little more. A few quick things of the top of my head as to why:

        1. When people serve themselves, they tend to overdo the sauce, especially if they've had a few drinks.
        2. There are always going to be at least a person or two who will drench their entire plate in sauce throwing off the whole per person average.
        3. Some people come back for second or third portions.
        4. Some people might want extra sauce to sop up with some good bread.
        5. If there are going to be pototoes/starches of any kind. People will want sauce on that.

        I'm sure I can think of more, but I'll stop there lol