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Nov 10, 2011 05:00 AM

Mike's Kitchen, Cranston

My brother Lurker W. and I had an excellent lunch at Mike's on Saturday. I wanted to mention one item in particular.

The broiled swordfish, with a side of al dente pasta (we got cavati), is $16.95. For this pittance we got at least a pound of perfectly cooked fish.

This was the perfect centerpiece to our meal, which also included outstanding polenta with meatball and sausage, snail salad, and a side of fried peppers. Plus excellent, crusty bread.

Total: $46

Mike's is a gem, and Rhode Islanders are lucky to have it.

Mike's Kitchen
170 Randall St, Cranston, RI 02920

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  1. Mike's is indeed a gem. Next time try the fried squid, the tripe and the giant stuffed artichoke. The polenta is fantastic: buttery-cheesey with a faint hint of garlic and so light that it is almost a polenta souffle. I enjoy the seafood fra diavolo except for the scallops, which, for me, are too sweet for that preparation. I wish I were there now.

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      We had the fried squid on our visit last year. The stuffed artichokes were going to many tables, and they are as big as your head. I'm sure the tripe is very good, but since I usually get to Mike's only once a year, it might not ever make it into our order. 8<D

      As good as the food is, the unique surroundings and old-school waitresses (no doubt with names like Dot and Connie) make it an even better experience.