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Nov 10, 2011 04:46 AM

Pacific Beach and Carlsbad

Traveling to CA with the family. We'll have 2 toddlers with us. Looking for places to eat...mostly lunch and dinner. Boys are great eaters and all cuisines are fine. Just want some places with good food that are appropriate for the little ones.

We'll be spending a few nights in Carlsbad at Tamarack and then a few nights on Pacific Beach.


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  1. One of my favorite, and totally overlooked places at times is the Lodge at Torrey pines- it's actually the restaurant/bar off the golf course- kind of half way between your two locations. Food is kid friendly (killer burger, sloppy joe is often on the menu, plus all sorts of good locally inspired stuff).

    It's not drop dead good- but it's really, really solid and a place I'd have no problems taking a toddler.

    1. In Carlsbad, I would go to Paon.

      1. thanks. how are Jays, Pizza Port, and Don's Country Kitchen? I see them come up often.

        Also, is Nozomi good for sushi? My 3 year old absolutely loves sushi.

        Don's Country Kitchen
        2885 Roosevelt St, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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          I like Don's, it's a very good American comfort food breakfast place. In PB, Taco Surf is also a good choice for a casual lunch. Also in PB, Bare Back Grill has a good burger.

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            Jay's, ehh, Don's ehh. PP is pretty good, more for the beer. Fish House Vera Cruz is decent for fish, the sides just ok. Nozomi might be closed. Paon is probably the nicest place in old downtown. don't know if its great for kids.

            Fish House Vera Cruz
            417 Carlsbad Village Dr, Carlsbad, CA 92008

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              Pizza Port is the place to go for beers, pizza's aren't bad either and the atmosphere is very family friendly. There is also a German deli/market in Carlsbad called Tip Top Meats. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the prices can't be beat. Food is average, sometimes above. It simply a fun place to poke around as a foodie, beautiful meats butchered on site and the market has lots of fun things to get into.

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                If you're considering Sushi, then you should consider Kaito in Encinitas. Not much of a drive from where you are - it's really just the next community to the south. Plenty of write-ups, both here and on Yelp. The best in the county.

                You might also want to consider dropping into Elizabethan Desserts also in Encinitas for incredible take-away desserts. I particularly recommend her Cherry mini-lattice pies, but she does everything well.

                Elizabethan Desserts
                155 Quail Gardens Dr, Encinitas, CA

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                  Nozomi is under average for sushi. I would strongly go to Kaito. You're already in North County, so it's not that long of drive.

                2. Don's used to be really good (haven't been in awhile)..they had a kick ass patty melt..busy for breakfast.
                  Paon in Downtown Carlsbad.
                  Norte has one of the best chile relleno's and white meat chicken burrito..don't know about the other food.
                  King's Fish House

                  PB..Cafe Athena for Greek...Bahia's in Bird Rock for $1 fish tacos and a great taco shop.
                  Filippi's is decent for family style Italian and great for kids.
                  El Pescador in LJ for the best grouper/sea bass sandwiches.
                  Sammy's pizza for the messy sundae and decent pizza and a good spot for kids and adults.
                  They have one in Carlsbad and LJ.

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                    Aaahh, Filippis in PB may not be the finest of cuisine but it is definitely good with a very cozy setting and was a standard when our kids were small. They give each kid a blob of dough on a plate to play with almost as soon as you sit down which leads to a relatively peaceful dining experience. Bahia in BirdRock is very kid friendly and decent cheap Mexican, nice view from the porch. If you want a little higher end Italian which is very kid friendly, Piatti at La Jolla Shores is great plus you can just head on down to the beach after.

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                      Pizza Port is a must! Great pizza and beer and VERY kid friendly.
                      Tommy Vs, Stone Bistro or Solace in North County might be good options as well.