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Nov 10, 2011 03:16 AM
Discussion Tokyo

hi everyone:

i was hoping to get some suggestions for bakeries and traditional japanese desserts for tokyo. i'm not looking for international brands (i.e. from france) but actually either: 1) bakeries by locals, and even better if they mix eastern and western flavors; and 2) places to find authentic traditional japanese desserts of all kinds. also any suggestions for kyoto and osaka would be great as well.

thank you so much in advance! if you can provide name as well as what you suggest i get that would be wonderful!

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  1. In Tokyo, Usagiya for dorayaki, as well as some of their other swets, like the monaka. In Kyoto,try Sasaya Iori, one of the most famous traditional sweets shops.

    1. The first "bakery" to make western style bread products in Tokyo is Kimuraya, located at Ginza 4-5-7, very close to Wako and across the street from Mitsukoshi. When they started making bread they did not have access to western yeasts. So they used sake yeast, and continue to do so today.

      If you want to see a lot of Japanese sweets and confections in a hurry I suggest you visit the basement food area of any major department store. If you are in Ginza head to Mitsukoshi and Matsuya. Not too far away in Ninhonbashi, check out Madame Setsuko Chocolates in Mitsukoshi for one of the better selections of Japanese chocolates, including macha and konyaku. Or head to Takashimaya just across the bridge.

      If you want traditional Japanese "sweets," check out Toraya's main shop in Akasuka (Akasuka 4-9-22). They have been making sweets for the Emperor for close to 600 years and have a great selection in the shop as well as an interesting display of techniques and historical items in their gallery next door (you need to ask). Otherwise, if you want to see some traditional sweets, especially wagashi tea sweets, look around areas such as Nihonbashi, Ningyocho, or Mukajima. If you want an easy place to look at and buy more pedestrian "okashi" (sweets and crackers) head to Asakusa and walk up the Nakamisedori towards Sensoji. There are a lot of shops making and selling things such as senbei, dango, taiyaki and ningyoyaki.

      1. thanks so much! i definitely don't mind trekking for something delicious/special/authentic/out-of-this-world...

        i did read that i can see a lot in the basements of department stores so planning to check them out as well. toraya's supposedly in almost all the department stores i believe.

        1. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but one of my favorite patisseries is Hidemi Sugino. Not an international brand, but french pastries nonetheless done by the store's namesake.

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            Here below a simple list, with bread and sweets..after all, there is a mix of Japanese sweets, breads, ingredients, new ideas,...and there is some that are salty recommendations..

            TECONA BAGEL - YOYOGI ICHIMAN.. if you have time to seat and try the lunch with a degustation of the samples of all the bagels... the most are filled with Japanese ingredients 

            JAPANESE CHOCOLATIER  LE PALET D`OR - SHIN-MARUNOUCHI BLDG TOKYO STATION : the cold chocolate sparkling drink "chocolat n`est ce pas ?'' 

            PATISSERIE CACAHOUETE - NAKAMEGURO : bisousnours (chocolate fondant), verrine mikan-motnblanc,... made by a french patissier with a touch of originality and japanese flavours  

            BAKERY SUMINOE - SHINJUKU B1 OF ODAKYU DEPT : napoli tsubu an pain, daizu bread, 

            BAKERY LE PETIT MEC -MARUI SHINJUKU (in front of Isetan) : apple pie, chocolate pie, cheese ham fougasse, ..

            BAKERY D`UNE RARETE - ISETAN SHINJUKU : almond croissant shape of hedgehog,... 

            this summer, i was really seduced by the ''pear tart with ginger flavour'' and the ''pain aux algues'' of the bakery Joel Robuchon in Ebisu, but they don`t have it anymore...

            not the best, but if you are just curious 
            -about basic chiffon cake (I do not appreciate the cream chiffon ones) try to go to La Famille in  Ikebukuro : vegetable lemon flavor or cheese chiffon with cheddar pieces... 
            -about anzu-daifuku (abricot and anpaste) at SHOUAN and kuri sweet buttery manju (evolution of madeleine) at Otoemon - in the Matsuya GINZA
            -about terimisu croissant cake at Ianak in Nishi-nippori

            Was disappointed by the patsserie ''il pleut sur la seine'' patisserie with the  'gateaux basque' at 550.-yens (?), and by the patsserie ''potager'' with her famous vegatables cakes,...

            And i do like also the anpan of Kimuraya and the  classic yokan of Toraya...

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              thank you so much for this list! :)

          2. If you're going to be around Azabu Juban then
            Naniwa-ya 1-8-14, Azabu Juban, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0045 phone: 3583-4975
            is attributed as being the birth place of the Taiyaki. As well as the classic bean paste variety they have others too, including taiyaki with custard inside.
            Not too far away is one of my biggest weaknesses
            Hokkaido Milk bread from Mont Thabor
            If it's fresh out of the oven eat it there and then. Don't wait.