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Nov 10, 2011 12:06 AM

ISO store selling pandan, tumeric and banana leaves

I was wondering if there are any recommendations on a grocery store in the Lower Mainland that carries pandan, tumeric and banana leaves that I will be using for some Malaysian cooking for flavoring - thanks.

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  1. I don't know about fresh turmeric but I've had good luck with pandan there and I've seen banana leaves at Dong Thanh on Kingsway.

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    1. re: repartee

      South China Seas on Granville Island (and most likely their location on Victoria) definitely has fresh Turmeric - I saw it there yesterday.
      Probably the other ingreds as well.

    2. Hen Long (Surrey) has the best selection of SE Asian ingredients.

      88 Supermarket (Victoria Dr) should have all those ingredients

      1. Asia Market in Chinatown at 265 E. Hastings also has an extensive selection of these items.