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Nov 9, 2011 06:40 PM

No Knead nitwit

I am determined to make a quality no knead loaf but I am running into some problems. I am working with about a 80% hydration and using fresh milled wheat. I've been preheating the dutch oven to 500 for 20 minutes, putting the loaf in and dropping the temperature to 450 baking for 20 minutes covered then 20 minutes uncovered.

I've been measuring the internal temperature of the loaf ensuring it's above 200 after pulling it from the oven and allowing it to come to room temperature prior to slicing.

The result is a beautiful shaped loaf with a nice crust but the crumb is just a little raw...


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  1. Have you checked the accuracy of your oven's thermometer? Could be that you need to bake at 475, which might really be 450... Just a thought...

    1. That happened to me too. I found that if I added enough flour so the dough could hold a rough shape (not oozing back to a flat blob) and covered the loaf for most of the cooking time, I got a better result.

      1. I'm more concerned with the accuracy of your instant read thermometer than your oven's thermometer, and whether or not the instant read therm. is getting into the center of the loaf.
        Two points ....
        Allow your dutch oven to preheat for at least 30 (better 45) minutes. Bake covered for ten minutes, uncovered until internal temperature reaches 210+ degrees.
        Check the accuracy of your instant read thermometer. If it's accurate, allow the bread to bake to an internal temp. of 210 - 215 degrees.

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          And done, todao's got the issues all wrapped up. It's that simple.

        2. The oven temperature is good but I didn't think of checking the thermometer. I'll give it a shot thanks