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Nov 9, 2011 06:09 PM

Dinner near Embassy Suites - Perimeter Center?

Spending Sat night in Atlanta and on my own for dinner w/out a car. Recommendations in the neighborhood for a veg or fish meal, dining solo, something interesting and not super expensive (entreees under $30)? Could take a cab, but would prefer not to stray too far.


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  1. i like Joey D's--you can walk there easily--very good lamb chops---many folks eat at the bar--little further away is Carabbas, migh be a little long if your not familiar with area--great martinis

    1. Embassy Suites offers a local shuttle that would take you to the mall. Goldfish would be a nice seafood option there.

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        jboeke has a great idea--there are lots of very good spots at the mall--i too like Goldfish--plus you can wander tha Mall as well--theres a very goo Italian restaurant there as well Maggianos