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Nov 9, 2011 03:33 PM

Recommendation for Something New Please!

Hello everyone!

I had a baby about 3 months ago, which means that in my case, I've been somewhat out of the food scene for the last 5 months. I've followed a bit about what's going on in the restaurant world, but after a little, it just got too depressing to read about new restaurants that I knew I wouldn't get to try for a long time. So, at this point, I'm a little behind.

As it turns out, this Saturday night we suddenly have a babysitter! For the FIRST TIME! I'm overwhelmed and since I do not want to waste the limited time I have to enjoy a meal without anyone crying halfway through, I would love recommenations from the 'hounds.
What's your favorite new restaurant? Where should we go? My first thought was Ink, but it seems you can't just grab a Saturday night reservation there...

Thank you all for your help!

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  1. Son of A Gun
    Playa (the same chef as Rivera)

    9575 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90035

    1. Maybe try the new Wolfgang Puck restaurant that just opened in the newly renovated Hotel Bel Air. Another place that sounds interesting that I'll be trying in a couple of weeks is Osaka, a new Peruvian-Japanese restaurant.

      1. I love Manhattan Beach Post. Chef David LeFevre bringing an artisan menu of small shared plates. Good stuff.

        Manhattan Beach Post
        1142 Manhattan Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266