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Nov 9, 2011 02:42 PM

Paella rice

Where can I buy it in Edmonton?

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  1. Try Homesense. I've found it there in Calgary.

    1. Italian Centre, on the pasta/rice aisle.

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      1. re: danysedai

        "paella rice"... includes Bahia, Balilla ( Calasparra), Bomba, and Senia. (Read more of this snippet here :

        All I have seen at the Italian Centre ( on 95th) were arborio and carnaroli, which some people use as substitutes.

        1. re: felix the hound

          I know arborio is not for paella,I've bought bomba rice at the italian centre. I don't know if they always stock it but I've bought it there about 4 or 5 times.
          I just checked my cupboard, the one I got from the italian centre is from Spain, brand is Arroz Bomba La Fallera.

          1. re: danysedai

            I checked my cupboard and I found the same Bomba rice. I was at the Italian Centre on 95th last week and the variety of rice on their shelves appears smaller. Gone were the brands of arborio I usually buy as well as the "integrale" version. They did not have the Bomba rice . I hope it is just a temporary stock issue.

      2. If you're not a purist, any short grain rice from any oriental grocery aisle will be fine. I've had good results with just plain old Calrose but for me paella is all about saffron and seafood not really about the characteristics of the rice.

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        1. re: hsk

          There is a difference in the cooked product. Paella rice is drier and separates more easily, and is not as firm in the centre when cooked properly. Arborio rices for risotto are creamier with a firm centre when cooked properly.

          What you are making is short grain rice with seafood and saffron. Paella-with a paella rice-typically will add rabbit and chicken (with no seafood for traditional paella) and often chorizo.

          1. re: hsk

            Just as important as the saffron is the rice. The capacity of the rice to absorb liquid is key to the flavour and it is the factor that determines the suitability of rice for paella.
            In the same way the amount of starch released withouth desintegrating characterizes risotto rice

          2. Sometimes you can find it at the Italian Centre, but availability is spotty. Sometimes I've found La Fallera brand there and sometimes they have a more expensive DOC rice that comes in a canvas bag. I don't think I've seen either recently.

            Lucked out a back in the spring at Home Sense and I bought a dozen 1 kg bags of Spanish DOC rice for cheap. I'm set for paella rice for the next year or more. Made some great paellas on the grill over the summer.