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Nov 9, 2011 02:31 PM


Has anyone eaten at the new-ish Italian in Beverly Hills, Sfixio? I will be dining there next week and am curious to hear some reviews and suggestions for dishes. TIA

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    1. I went a while back. Really nice space however it was completely empty. High ceilings don't help the acoustics either. Also its just beer and wine (unless something recently changed).

      We were rather shocked by the lack of people in the place to really focus on the food. It decent enough - I would go back if for not such a dead dining room.

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        I take out from Il Forno Caldo, quite a bit. Really good by the way. The lamb shank special and roast chicken are both outstanding and the pizza is good too. But I digress. Always walk past Sfixio and its empty (as was its predecessor). Kind of like the Indian place on Doheney (just south of Wilshire). You wonder how they stay open if they are in the food selling bus????

      2. I had lunch there a few weeks ago on a Friday and it was pretty dead in there--just one other party. I thought the food was fine, but fairly pricey. Also, they won't rush you along--lunch took about 2 hours.