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Nov 9, 2011 02:28 PM

A Seabra Foods in Springfield?

It looks like a new grocery store is opening on Morris Ave. in Springfield in the old Food King location. Does anyone know when it's opening? Does anyone know if it is owned by the Seabras family that owns the Newark restaurants and market?

Their website says that they stock lots of "ethnic" goods from Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, and other South American countries, but other than that, it wasn't helpful. Just curious if anyone who drives by it has any more intel.

Food King
288 Main St, West Orange, NJ 07052

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  1. Grand opening Thursday Sept 10th 2011.

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      You can't go wrong at a Seabra's Market. they are owned by the same family that owns the restaurants and markets in Newark. they have the freshes meats, fish and vegatables. I shop there for my Portuguese sister in law who lives in Bayville and can't get the items down there. the only problem I've had is many of the workers don't speak English very well. So if you are looking for a certain item, they may not understand you. That being said, they will still go out of their way to try to help you or to get someone who speaks English to help you.

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        I jut tried the Newark Chestnut Street location- wonderful! I was wary of the fresh meat and fish but I may have been unreasonable since they really did look fresh. Vegetables were not great looking. We did leave with a lot of packaged goods and a very reasonable non- EVOO. I definitely will be back...

    2. A co-worker who lives in Springfield is LOVING the new Seabra's...can't get over the prices (low) and said he's trying new foods simply because they're so accessible. He's also using the store in lieu of the 7-11 for things like bread and milk--and again talking about how great the prices are.

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        Prices are good, but the Springfield location lacks some of the more obscure ethnic stuff you might find in the Ironbound locations. A good addition to the area though!