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Nov 9, 2011 02:15 PM

Buttermilk and Sweet Milk

What are your family recollections?

When was one used…or the other?

Have you ever tasted natural buttermilk or only cultured?

How do you think your family's situation (geographic or economic) affected this balance? Where was your family?

What are your stories or recipes?

My mom grew up in depression-era north Florida, but I don't recall my mom bringing any of those buttermilk traditions to our home in the late 60s and early 70s.

I know she talked about her mom putting "clabber" milk or buttermilk in a glass and crumbling cornbread in it, but my mom didn't ever do this at our home as long as I knew her.

She made biscuits, but not with buttermilk.

As she got older, she would occasionally buy buttermilk (cultured) to drink. It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually got intp the *flavor* of buttermilk.

I am just curious about buttermilk traditions.

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  1. I am one that loves Buttermilk, unfortunately you cant get real churrned buttermilk out here(southern california) anymore it seems to have disapared in the early 60's, The last one I remember was Arden buttermilk in a churn shaped container.

    Out here it is all cultured. Many of the good cultured have also disapared - Formost, Edgmar, Carnation, etc. Knudsens is blah, the only reasonable one left is Alta Dena, it has a good tang if you get the freshest. My mom came from Minnesota, mostly scandinavian farm types. I was raised on it as my mom and grandma both liked it. But not many people like it today, they only cook with it.

    1. my local green market lady sells churned buttermilk, though I really love cultured buttermilk anyway!

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        How thick and sour is that churned buttermilk?