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Nov 9, 2011 01:27 PM

1 vegetarian at an omnivore dinner party of 5


I'm having a dinner party (5 total people) and just found out 1 guest is a vegetarian. I thought about making a veggie cassoulet and then doing a side of chorizo or italian sausage for the meat eaters to add in. Is that a good idea? Any other thoughts?

Thank you in advance!


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  1. Once you've prepared the "veggie cassoulet", set some aside for serving your vegetarian guest and add some sausage bits to the remainder of the prepared dish so the flavors meld. On the table, the differences in the servings won't be all that obvious and you've satisfied the responsibility for honoring the dietary preferences of your vegetarian guest.
    Addendum ...
    Having a vegetarian meal for everyone (as suggested by others below) is an option that slipped past my old brain. Inasmuch as it's a "no brainer" solution I'm amazed that I overlooked it entirely. I'd agree that, unless your omnivore guests insist on meat, the all vegetarian meal makes the best sense.

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      Thank you! That's a good idea to set aside to let the flavors meld....

    2. I'm sure your idea would work, but I'd suggest you think about doing a vegetarian menu where no one will notice the lack of meat because the dishes are so wonderful without it. An Italian menu is perfect for this, assuming the vegetarian eats cheese and/or eggs. You could start with an antipasto of roasted peppers, cheeses, sauteed spinach, grilled eggplant, cannellini puree and an herb foccacia. Another course could be a pasta with wild mushrooms and cream or a risotto done with a vegetable/parmigiano rind stock. Salad could be arugula with roasted pumpkin. Dessert could easily be meat free and there are hundreds of options. Again, this is just if you wanted to go vegetarian and there are lots of choices, but certainly having meat on the side would be fine.

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        you are so right, I was really thinking about that, but wanted to try cooking something new and felt like whatever I wanted to cook included meat (one day I will go meatless!), so I always think my meat eater friends will be feeling empty, but I will consider a full veg meal. Usually I do an all Veg guest dinner party.

      2. Are the rest of your guests (or you) likely to be unsatisfied without meat? We often just cook vegetarian for everyone if we have a vegetarian guest. Easier on me in the kitchen, and there's just something nicer about everyone sharing the same food---breaking bread and all that.

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          I guess not - I think it's me being paranoid that they might be unsatisfied. But true, would be good for everyone be eating the same food.