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Nov 9, 2011 01:26 PM

Has anybody tried the new Billy Ray's BBQ at IH35 and Braker?

I pass right by there every day on the way to work, and it sure smelled good this morning! It's a trailer in the parking lot of the tool company that used to be Harley Davidson.

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  1. Seriously nobody? I guess I will have to go by there for lunch one day soon.

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    1. re: danny_w

      That is the chowhound spirit. Be sure to report back...

      1. re: Carter B.

        I'll be sure to do that. I don't know exactly when I will make it by there though.

    2. Well I went today and got the brisket plate (comes with potato salad, beans, pickles, onions, and 2 slices of white bread) for $8. The brisket was very moist with just the right amount of fat (I hate the dry brisket that most places around here serve). The owner gave me a bite to sample which was nice. The sides weren't anything to brag about but the meat was quite good. They had the standard plates (brisket, chicken, sausage, ribs, and mixed) starting at $8 plus sandwiches starting at $5. If I am hungry on the way home some evening I may stop by again.

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      1. re: danny_w

        Good to hear, thanks for the report back. Hope to try it sometime.

      2. I tried it today and was sadly disappointed. The chicken on the chicken plate was dry, dry, dry. I asked for lean brisket to go, and all I got was what looks like a 1/4 pound of really fatty brisket. The ribs look tender. I'll try them tonight. Didn't like the potato salad, too mushy. Beans were homemade and were good. Not good enough for me to go back when we have so many BBQ options in Austin area.