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Nov 9, 2011 12:56 PM

ISO Anson Mills hominy grits in South Bay or Peninsula?

Would anyone know where I could obtain hominy grits (not polenta) made by Anson Mills on the Peninsula or South Bay?

The problem with ordering them online is that they require a minimum of 4 12-ounce bags per order, which is too much for my needs.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Why not ask them?
    (803) 467-4122

    1. I'm not from your area, but have experience with them.

      Unless things have changed, they grind to order.

      I do not think you'll find them in brick and mortar outlets.

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      1. re: Monch

        We actually have had Anson Mills sightings at 2 local markets, Boulettes Larder and Rainbow, in recent years but not as far south as sairuh wants.

        Boulettes Larder
        Ferry Slip, San Francisco, CA 94111

      2. Since I cannot easily obtain these grits close by, I'm trying to gather some friends together for a group mail order, as a workaround.

        1. How much do you need? If just a bag or so, I live in Charlotte but might be coming out to the Bay Area in a couple of weeks. I can poke around when I'm out shopping to see if places carry Anson Mills around here. I know almost everywhere carries fresh stone-ground hominy grits, but it's available in such abundance that I've stopped paying attention to the brand.

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          1. re: mikeh

            Thanks for the offer, mikeh! However, today a friend of mine was able to share the costs and goods with me on a mail order.

            1. re: sairuh

              If you haven't yet, try the Anson Mills shrimp and grits recipe...

                1. re: sairuh

                  Yes, it is very yummy. Recipe I think makes 4 servings but DH and I ate the whole thing...

                  By the way, one thing I really love about Anson Mills grits is that when you open the bag, they smell like corn!

          2. The original comment has been removed