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Nov 9, 2011 12:25 PM

Q: How to cook egg whites, scrambled

For health reasons and to reduce cholesterol, I'm switching to egg whites instead of whole eggs. I usually scramble them for breakfast. The thing is they don't cook like full eggs.

So how to you cook scrambled egg whites? Is the key lower heat? Any other tips? TIA.

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  1. Egg whites are homogeneous while whole eggs, obviously, are not. You can't really "scramble" something that has the same consistency throughout. A lower temp will make them a little less tough, but what you're doing is cooking out the water that's held between the proteins in the whites, so it toughens as part of the process. You can add liquid like soy milk to help improve the texture, but without something else there, egg whites don't have a lot of textural variety.

    1. Would you consider an egg white omelet? I'm posting a Martha Stewart link solely for the technique. Her recipe uses butter and cheese, what you're trying to avoid, I know! But perhaps using olive oil instead of butter, and the spinach and herbs suggested, you could concoct something that treats your whites more gently.

      Maybe Ferret will comment on this approach.

      1. Good suggestions all ....
        Egg yolk has fat which could be replaced with something like cheddar cheese but you're avoiding cholesterol so that's not an option. I like the omelet idea. An egg white veggie omelet with a few herbs could be quite tasty.

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          Egg white omlettes are my favoutie.

          Add in some veggies and herbs and you are all set (if they are 'wet veggies' like mushrooms make sure they are cooked first or you will end up with a soggy mess!)

          Also, I have never tried / used nutritional yeast in eggs before but perhaps that could mimic the cheesey flavour?

        2. Since there are many studies that show no link between cholesterol in eggs and cholesterol levels in the body, you might want to consider the middle ground--two egg whites and one egg yolk. Then you can still do a scramble without adding cheese/milk etc to make it palatable.

          1. This is how I cook perfect scrambles egg whites.
            Bring about 4 inches of water in a deep nonstick saucepan to a simmer. Water must be at a simmer. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar I use cider. Pour in egg whites. I buy the liquid egg whites in quart containers and add about half a quart at a time. Let simmer until done. You will need to gently stir and or reduce flame so not to overflow. strain egg whites in a fine mesh strainer. Gently squeeze out excess water with spoon. You can taste the vinegar somewhat but nothing a little ketchup won't take care of. You will need to add a little more vinegar with each addition of egg whites.