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Nov 9, 2011 12:11 PM

Taza Chocolate Mexicano Discs - west end?

I'm officially addicted to these Taza chocolates. Problem is I've only ever found them at Urban Fare in Vancouver and at McEwan in Toronto, both of which are a bit out of my way. Do you know of any other stores, specifically in the west end of the GTA, that sells them? Thanks.

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  1. i love taza too. i don't know about in the west end, but both whole foods (on avenue north of bloor) and the big carrot on the danforth carry them. now if i could only find a source for the taza baking squares and chocolate bars ...

    1. Are these actually round in shape(sorta like a thin hockey puck) wrapped in paper? If yes,I've seen them at ONE checkout at Galati at 666 Burnamthorpe Road(West of Renforth) in Etobicoke. Ran about $6 each. I picked one up and had sticker shock! i take it they're delicious?

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      1. Try the Whole Foods Market, I think it's in Etobicoke. I know that they carry those in the downtown store because I remember being very curious about what they were.

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          Interesting. The Whole Foods in Oakville definitely doesn't carry them. I'll check the new one in Mississauga.