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Eat Street Kings Cross London- Food Trucks UK style?

I read about this in the Metro today and got quite giddy.


I couldn't find any posts.
Has anyone been?

I did threaten my other half that we should go to LA to check out the food trucks next year.
Maybe this can wait now:)

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  1. I havent been though have sampled most of the eat st vendors at various locations. I'm a big fan of BAHD (hot dogs) & Buen Provecho. Having all the higher quality vendors in one location has to be a good thing. I hear they have a friendly competition to see who does the most business.

    I'm actually in NYC at the mo and just had lunch at a korean truck in midtown and can say that Yum Bun in the UK did a better bun than the one I just had


    1. I've been trying to get there for weeks but haven't yet had the time. You can look at their website and see who is serving what each week. I'm pretty sure they are not the same trucks each time. I'm sure someone else talked about this here a few weeks ago.

      1. I've been here every Thursday since it opened but I haven't tried anything I haven't already had at different locations (bar the Rib Man). But yeah, it's exciting for it to be all in one place and I like the rotation idea. The Rib Man is actually one of the standouts so far (LOVE the hot sauce you can request to be put on it as well), and the offal truck (Tongue and Cheek?) looks v. interesting.

        1. Inspired by this thread, my parents took my daughter and wandered down to Eat Street as it's a 12 minute stroll away from my house.
          Today wasn't a good day. The ribman may well have a decent offering as there was nothing left - if there was a competition today, then he was the clear winner. Nothing else seemed appetising to them from today's selection, and the so-called 'paella' from JamonJamon was extremely offputting to both my Alicantinian mother and English father; weirdly coloured and loaded with peas and cut garlic, no true paella connoisseur would ever consider these to be real paellas. My father said I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole. If this is what you get from a quality controlled 'curated' selection then its pretty disheartening.
          My parents hopped on the train and are currently at the Westfield East Waitrose buying much better food there instead. I'm certainly in no hurry to go down to Eat Street myself.

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            So you didn't actually try the paella? Maybe it's just me, but it seems a bit pointless to bash them on this thread in that case...

            1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

              It had loads of onions in it as well as all the other abominations. When my mother questioned the vendors (who were in the process of shovelling huge portions into the bin) about why they'd put onions into their 'paella' they asked her if she knew any other way to keep the paella 'moist'. Not a great answer.

              I don't need to try a Paellador (TM) to know it's neither authentic nor any good. Same with this stuff. Perhaps they are selling passable rice dishes. Unfortunately they are selling them as authentic paellas. I can assure you that they are not.
              On a positive note, it wasn't quite as bad as this outfit:

          2. Haven't been to the King's X location, but have eaten at some of the Eat Street stalls when they were in SouthBank. The Annie Mae's shredded pork was good, but no one I know understands the fuss abt her mac n cheese (I'm a southerner too and that style is Southern, but not worth the £5 charged for it). The Buen Provencho tacos were great too. Haven't tried the rib man yet though, I hear it is yum.

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              Haven't been there yet but have tried Rib Man's food and loved it. He has three types of sauce and you can also order some of it to buy. Not sure about Annie Mae's shredded pork though, did try it at the South Bank and it was so-so to me. I don't like Buen Provecho as much as I used to as some of his meat is often tough. Have seen the paella sold and never found it tempting at all.

            2. • Ribman
              Ribs were pretty ordinary -- nothing especially supple and succulent that comes from careful slow and low. The basic sauce on it was fine but nothing special. The hot sauce was lovely, not just a serious smoky kick but also real depth of flavour and balanced with sweetness and a bit of sour.

              • You Doughnut
              Quite pleasant, liked both the chocolate sauce and the caramel and toasted pecans with their freshly fried doughnuts. Main virtue is freshness -- doughnuts tossed in cinnamon and sugar hot out of the fryer. The texture is somewhat bread-like, soft and cushiony.

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                Limster, Is that the first time you had Ribman ribs? Did you have the meat on a sandwich or on ribs? Haven't been to him for a long time so not sure what his menu is now.

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                  Yep first time -- got the ribs, not the sandwich. Those 2 seemed like the only things they were selling.

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                    I never noticed if he was serving ribs when I was there. Just went straight for the sandwich and a sampling of all the sauce he had at the time.

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                      He's at Brockley Market tomorrow as are Spit and Roast and Bocaface - Spanish Street Food and Mother Flipper. Have you been there yet?

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                        Haven't been to Brockley Market yet .... have much more to try! :)

                        What are your favourites there?

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                          The food stalls tend to rotate at Brockley Market and you do get many of them at other markets, but the ready-to-eat regulars I like that you get that are not at any other markets:

                          * Mike and Ollie - http://mikeandollie.co.uk/?page_id=62, great middle-eastern/mediterranean inspired wraps but they always have massive queues
                          * Mother Flipper - fanastic burgers
                          * Dark Fluid - local coffee roastery
                          * Egg Boss - fantastic scotch eggs
                          * Moons green - great charcuterie
                          * Blintz boy - great blintzes

                          Other of my favourites that are easier to find at other markets are Luardos and Fleisch Mob.