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Nov 9, 2011 11:21 AM


I used to go to the Penzeys in Grand Central Market all the time. Went back the other week and it was closed!!! The website implies that they may be opening another NYC location sometime soon. Anyone have any intel on this? I would love to know if I should wait for the store or place a big order soon. Thanks!

Penzeys Spices
Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY 10017

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  1. Yes, I like their vanilla and some other things and it was a convenient location. Wonder why they closed - you'd think Penzey's would want to make sure they had at least one retail store in NYC. Have you bought anything from the replacement spice store?

    1. Yes, it's a complete bummer they closed. I got to where for many spices I preferred them to Kalustyan's even.

      On the potential upside, a new spice shop just opened --- in the very same spot as Panzey's. However, it's a very different business and setup. Spices are sold fresh from small bins. At what look to be higher prices and with a much more limited selection. They also are selling teas and such. I want my Penzey's back.

      1. If you're willing to drive, there is a Penzey's out in West Nyack, which I'll be visiting on my way to cut down a Christmas tree. It is a shame that Penzey's closed. They had a top-notch selection and really competitive prices. For only a small premium, their Sichuan peppercorns were far more potent than anything I ever bought in Chinatown.

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          Definitely agree about the Sichuan peppercorns, for superior to Kalustyan's and the Ctown grocery stores. I'm lucky I have a bunch already. Hopefully their mail order is fairly reasonable.

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            What's the quality difference (overall) between Penzey's and Kalustyan? I moved to DFW and I miss Kalustyans, but they do have a Penzey's however I haven't visited that store yet. I picked up some herbs/spices from a high-end grocer called Central Market but was very disappointed with some items (ground ginger and sumac in particular). The sumac and ginger I bought at Kalustyan was very nice and vibrant but what I bought at central market was one step above sawdust scraped up from a dirty floor.

            Kalustyan's ships, but with Penzey's a half hour away I'm wondering if they're a good replacement. Any words of wisdom from people who have used both would be appreciated.

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              I would say Penzey's is equal in quality to Kalustyan's but a far better value. The sumac I used to get from them had a very vibrant flavor, as did their Aleppo pepper. Their latter, in fact, is better than the pepper I would otherwise buy from my Middle Eastern Market.

        2. If you do go to the Palisades Mall park and enter near Best Buy, once inside (turn left with Best Buy to your right) you will be very close to Penzeys.

          1. I emailed them via their website to gripe (and encourage others too as well). They wrote back that they'd like to open back up in NYC, but had no specific plans to do so. They've opened up a new store in Summit, NJ as well, so i'll have to hit up my NJ family when i need refills.

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              Sad news indeed. I loved that you could purchase various sizes of the herbs and spices. The service was pretty good too. It will be missed.