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Nov 9, 2011 11:19 AM

I know what I don't want...

A few girlfriends and I are getting together to celebrate some birthdays on Friday. Both are vegitarians (I am not) and one eats fish while the other does not. I've been searching the boards looking for something like a wine bar, but good food that has a cozy atmosphere. I feel like Bin 36 is a little too bright and I thought about the wine bar on Randolph but not too crazy with their food choices. I just looked at Gitl Bar's menu and I feel like it might be too heavy on the protiens (fish and meats) where it might cause a problem. Anyone have any suggestions?

Bin 36
339 N. Dearborn, Chicago, IL 60610

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  1. I love Gilt Bar but I agree, it's probably not the best for 2 vegetarians. Check out Pops for Champagne- it's one of my favorite wine bar/small plates type places. Great place for a girls' get-together- you can do wine or champagne, and they also make really nice champagne-based cocktails. All the food I've had there has been perfect and they can help you put together an awesome cheese plate.

    Pops for Champagne
    601 N State St, Chicago, IL 60654

    1. This place fits your criteria well. The only caution is that it is a small place and can get crowded.

      1. I should have also mentioned that we all are city dwellers. Mana sounds interesting and close to two of us. I am bummed that Pops left their Sheffield location (ages ago); having to do to State and Grand on a Friday night isn't too appealing but could be fun. Anyone have any thoughts on Mercat a La Planxa? Ibierco gets too crowded and I feel the food hasn't been that good, so I wanted to bring it up a notch with tapas if we go that way.

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          I agree about Iberico but I have liked the food at Mercat and found it to be a fun experience. I remember when Pops opened and I loved it then. Now it is a bar that serves some food. Kind of soul-less but the drinks are good but pricey. I live near north so I understand your aversion to this area on a weekend. I wish that more people did ;-).


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            Gilt Bar actually has a Vegetarian/Vegan menu, you just need to ask your server for it.

          2. re: Francis

            I like Mercat - the room and food are great and there are lots of good options for vegetarians. I have had mixed experiences with Mercat service - nothing dreadful just not as polished as should be. Sable also does well for vegetarians and you could order in the bar area.