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Nov 9, 2011 11:05 AM

ISO Schmaltz

Anybody know where I can buy rendered chicken fat (viz. schmaltz) in DC? Extra points if it's near Dupont Circle.

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  1. Get you a nice fat chicken. Roast it. Pour the fat off. Voila! Then eat the chicken.

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      I got a ton by roasting a chicken in the crock pot. Nothing else in there, just a chicken. Super easy.

    2. any respectable kosher deli should have some to sell you. i'm not familiar with DC, but i just Googled kosher delis near Dupont Circle, and this place looks promising...

      Eli's Restaurant
      1253 20th St NW, Washington, DC 20036

      1. In the Wheaton/Silver Spring area you can find Empire Chicken Fat (7oz frozen) at Shalom Strictly Kosher (2307 University Blvd W Wheaton (301) 946-6500, and also at Shaul's market (319 Lamberton Dr · Silver Spring · (301) 593-1800). These stores are closed on Saturday and early Friday afternoon (2:00 ) for obvious reasons. There is a metro stop not too far in Wheaton. About a six block walk, I think to Shalom.