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Nov 9, 2011 11:01 AM

Ranch 99 Roast Turkey

If you're a traditionalist and abhor the idea of farming out the Thanksgiving turkey, let alone to Ranch 99, then read no further :)

But, I'm not going to be able to roast my own turkey this year and have looked at getting a deep fried one. Then, I saw an ad at Ranch 99 for their Thanksgiving Roast Turkey. Anyone have an experience with one? I can't imagine it'd be bad, as chinese-style roast meats at Ranch 99 are pretty good, but curious to hear what others think... I'm even tempted to do the 6 - 8 person meal, although don't know what else comes with the turkey.


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  1. Ranch 99 turkeys are dry and not very good in my opinion. The meal comes with Chinese dishes, salt & pepper shrimp, pork chop, and a veggie dish along with rice and noodles if I remember correctly. If you like their steam table items then you may like their meal, but I personally think their steam table stuff are not very good.

    I know there are other Chinese restaurants that offers roasting the turkey for you (BYOT). Cost usually will run $15 - $25. Hong Kong BBQ Restaurant in Castro Valley will roast BYOT for $15.

    Hong Kong BBQ
    20918 Redwood Rd, Castro Valley, CA 94546

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      I agree with you. Chinese BBQ deli are great for what they normally cook. But turkeys and hams are not done by them on a regular basis so it not great. We home cooks can do better. So to the OP do it yourself it will be better.

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        We tried a 99Ranch turkey one yr & it was the worst turkey ever! Very dry & inedible. Steam table items forgettable. Not worth the cost.

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          Yikes. Helpful reviews and decision is made. Still don't have time to do it myself, but am likely to opt for a popeye's deep fried turkey.

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            New Gold Medal in Oakland has signs posted for turkeys as well. I don't know their turkey making abilities, but I'd take their roast meats over Ranch 99 any day.

      2. If Clement St SF is not too far for you, Wing Lee and Wei Lee BBQ takeout joints are doing turkey. $25s, 38m, 50l. I think you have to preorder. And they have all kinds of steam table stuff to add to your meal. Bonus is that quite a few places there will prob be open Tday and you can do one stop shop. I personally prefer Wei Lee. Nice folks who will sell you the rib portion of their roast pig wout any of that funny biz others try to pull on abc (even if you order in Chinese, maddening!)

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          Will you please provide address for each -- the names are similar and I'm always confused as to which one is where. Also, any idea how many lbs. the small ones are? Love your comment re. the rib run-around -- so true! Thanks!

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            They said med was ~13 lbs but my guess is that they'll run big as turkeys generally do. I didn't ask about other sizes. Wei lee is at corner of 8th, wing lee on 6th or 7th, both on Clement and yelp.

        2. between the in laws / relatives, we go to 2-3 Thanksgiving meals over the course of the holiday week. By far, the saltiest and driest turkey we've had was from a 99 ranch.

          If you can't make it for yourself, Whole Foods is an option.

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              And Costco. Full turkey meal with sides for $150, after $50 off, now.

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                  A complete holiday dinner in under 2 hours! Our turkey dinner contains a minimum 14 lb. fully cooked turkey and all of the home-style sides and fix’ns to go with it, even dessert. This turkey feast includes sage seasoned cornbread stuffing with mushrooms, buttery crisp green beans with almonds and sautéed onions, maple glazed sweet potatoes, smooth mashed potatoes with garlic confit, silky turkey gravy, tangy cranberry orange sauce and a sweet cinnamon apple cobbler with strussel oat topping. This complete meal will easily feed 12 to 14 more guests....

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                    saw this in a big box at Mt View location tonight. IIRC it was 99 (but the online one was 150 after 50 off)
                    Not sure if they are the same exactly, the one in the store was in the refrigerator section and was Fra Mani

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                      The online dinner has more sides and the price I saw on the in house bird was $94.99 at Richmond.