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Nov 9, 2011 10:41 AM

Where to find Pearl Sugar? (for Liege Waffles)

Just got back from Brussels and am hoping to recreate the waffles you can buy on just about every street corner over there. These aren't quite what you'd think of when you think of Belgian waffles. These are a little denser and chewier with a crunchy sugary/caramelly crust. Of the many recipes I've looked at, looks like the key to attaining that crust is something called "pearl sugar." Anyone know of any local sources? Hoping to try maybe this weekend.

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  1. I've seen it at Ikea, of all places.

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      This is good to know. I've looked all over for it and never thought of IKEA. Did you find it in the restaurant or the food section past the check outs?

    2. My Belgian friend always goes for something labeled "Vanilla Sugar" in a little yellow packet from a European manufacturer. I believe it is carried by most groceries with better baking sections.

      For a Brussels style waffle (very airy) I've found the Fanny Farmer overnight waffle batter, plus extra sugar and vanilla, to be a pretty good approximation.

      I think Liege-style waffles are cooked with an extra cold batter which helps get the crusty outside, warm inside combo.

      1. I'm not in your area, so I cannot recommend specific places, however I can tell you that usually any of the high-end markets in my area carry it, so you may want to call a place like that (call before you venture out - they are usually happy to help you over the phone). ALSO, I have seen it on amazon, so that would be another source. Not only does amazon carry it, but they have several different brands/types/sizes as I recall from when I was looking for it (who wouldathunk???). Good luck! I had a craving for them several months ago after I saw them featured on a travel channel, but I never followed up on making them, would love to still some time!

        An interesting link, don't have time to read through it thoroughly right now, but it seems to explain the difference between Belgian pearl sugar and Scandanavian.

        1. You can find pearl sugar at King Arthur's website:

          Also, I think I recall hearing that traditional Belgian waffles are made with beet sugar.

          Hope that helps!