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Dinner tonight near Camarillo, ahills, or westlake vllg?

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Any good restaurants near camarillo? Any that will show the Lakers game tonight?

Also considering Mandevilla (westlake), Fins (westlake), Padri (agoura hills).

Advice? Thanks in advance

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  1. Going tonight. Thanks.

    1. Unfortunately, there is a reason that you did not receive any responses. This just isn't Chowhound Country out here. It's a gorgeous area for living, but if you also want to have dinner, go elsewhere.

      1. Where did you go? How was it? I just learned of Fins, and find no reviews here, and very few elsewhere, so if you went there, i'd be interested to hear.

        1. For anyone going through Camarillo in the future, stop by the California Grill. Piano bar, nice atmosphere, good service, good bar. California Grill is the only place I know of north of the grade until you hit Santa Barbara.

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          1. You might consider Leila's at the corner of Lindero Canyon and Kanan in Oak Park. I have been there several times and never been disappointed.


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              I really liked the Wood Ranch off of 101 and Kanan Rd. They have excellent martinis, a high def TV screen at the bar, and very tasty barbecued ribs and tri tips. They are not cheap but I thought they were worth it given the dearth of other options in the area.

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                What type of cuisine, do they have a website?

              2. Sheila's Wine Bar is quite nice and has pretty good food--I remember an excellent lamb sandwich. They also have a large wine list and a TV over the bar area. If you have a larger party and don't want the bar seating, the TV can be seen from some of the dining tables. 330 Lantana St. in Camarillo.

                1. I second Shelia's wine bar. Under new ownership...with flawless transitions. Live music every Friday and Saturday night (usually jazz, latin music). Friendly staff, awesome food.

                  1. Brent's new location has TV's in the bar area. I am not really warming to this place, but it is there!