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Nov 9, 2011 07:28 AM

Yellow Griffin....WTF happened?

I have never been a constant patron of this place, especially with all the options now available in the city, but the times I have been there have been good.

So last night, we were in the area and feeling peckish so we gave the Yellow Griffin a go. The place will never win awards for ambiance, but we were the there for the burgers.

First the food.

I ordered the Jack is back (green pepper corn & jack daniels mayo) and my fiance order the hickory stick (bbq sauce, caramalized onions, cheddar & mozzerella). I got the deep fried pickles on the side, and she opted with fries. They looked somewhat appealing, but as we started into them, we were sorely dissappointed. My burger sounded interesting, but the flavours just didn't work together, and the peppercorns we just a bit too overpowering. The burger itself was dry, dry, dry. The pickles looked like the just came out of the frozen food aisle, and didn't have any real punch to them. My fiances burger, by her accounts, was even worse. Far too many toppings (I have never heard her proclaim a burger had too much cheese before) the onions were watery and bland. Her burger too was dry, dry, dry, but curiously undercooked, as denoted by the pink to red middle. The fries were nothing special. Also, considering that they say their burgers are made fresh and take 20 minutes to cook, we got our surprisingly fast, less than 10 minutes. Which makes me think that maybe the patties were just sitting around.

Now the service.

As I said before, the menu states that the burgers will take "20 minutes to cook", but I think that they should change that to "20 minutes to place your order". Our waitress, who was pleasant enough, gave us menus after we seated ourselves, took our drink orders, and when she delivered our drinks, asked us if we were ready to order. We said we needed 1 more minute, and she cheerfully replied no problem. Once we decided, we looked around for her, but she was no where to be seen. The place was pretty empty too, so it wasn't like she was run off her feet. After waiting almost 20 minutes, my fiance said maybe we should go, when she showed up to take our order.

This place was never stellar, but it was reliable, until now. Don't think that I will ever be returning here. Anybody else experience similar disappointment?

Yellow Griffin
2202 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6P, CA

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  1. This doesn't surprise me. TBH, I tried the place twice because of CH and neither visit was anything great. A place with a big menu of average burgers...

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    1. This place has always been a fairly poor burger joint - the sauces / toppings are just a smoke screen for the not-so-good burgers.

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      1. is this news?
        was there once and they were mediocre at best.
        none of their sides are made in house. that says it all.

        1. Yah, this doesnt surprise me at all. my one and only experience there was horrible. actually, it was hilarious.. everyone was so angry with the service, they were ready to pour their own beer.

          1. I was there just last week and it took 40 minutes for food to appear. ( We were warned that it would be a 20 minute wait) and as said above the burger was dry and not at all special. There was just one pleasant wait staff rushed off her feet.

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            1. re: AzulH

              reminds me of Montreal Mel's when it was on its death bed. i've never, ever experienced a more horrific restaurant setting.
              one server for the entire restaurant. dirty plates stacked on the bar counter. a coffee cup tipped over and dripping slowly off the counter and onto the floor.
              customers were getting up and filling their own beverages.
              we knew something was wrong with the place and, sure enough, they closed a few months later.
              wondering if there are any deeper issues at YG. maybe Bloor West Village people have wisened up and realized that a zillion types of burgers doesn't equate good burgers

              1. re: atomeyes

                ^^Agreed about Montreal Mel's!

                Also more and more places are opening up in the stretch of Bloor around Runnymede that actually focus on quality of the food over shtick, like putting 10 things that don't work together on a burger and calling it inventive

                1. re: 00CP

                  I'm noticing more soon-to-be-openings @BWM/High Park. Hopefully, there will be many more.
                  It's such a great neighbourhood and deserves more varieties of food fare.