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Nov 9, 2011 07:28 AM

Anyone know where I can get Banana Leaves to make tamales?

Extra points if it's anywhere near Verdun or downtown...Thanks!

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  1. I get them from asian grocers like Hawai

    1. In freezer sections of most grocery stores in Chinatown.

      1. Any Asian or Latin-American supermarket should have them. Try the Chinese places in Verdun first and go from there.

        1. Don't want to be a know-it-all, but tamales are technically made with corn husks I think. So Sabor Latina would have those.
          Cochinita Pibil on the other hand is wrapped in banana leafs.

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            Yes you're right! I am looking for corn husks AND banana leaves because I like cooking southeast asian rice for dinner parties, and they're also good for cooking fish. I get mixed up... But I appreciate all help in both matters. Thanks!

            1. re: LBeth

              I don't know if you have WalMarts where you are, but ours carries corn husks regularly. As far as banana leaves - Asian/ethnic markets are your best bet.

              1. re: LBeth

                Saw them at Marché Hawaii recently. They might have them also at Supermarché Sakaris which is right next to Sabor Latino on St-Laurent so if you are headed that way it is easy enough to check in both places.

              2. re: estilker

                Tamales are also made with banana leaves. I know Guatemalan tamales are made that way and I believe it's also the case in Southern Mexico and El Salvador.

                1. re: SnackHappy

                  And Colombia, Venezuela and other south American countries.

                2. re: estilker

                  As others have said, most varieties of tamales are wrapped in banana leaves. Some varieties of Mexican tamales are the ones you usually seen wrapped in corn husks. In most Latin American countries (except Mexico where the region ussually indicates the type of wrapper and content), there is often a different name for the tamales wrapped in corn husk, which tend to be sweeter; i.e. bollos or humitas.

                3. Just to report. I ended up finding both corn husks and banana leaves at Marche Inter-Asie on Wellington in Verdun. My roommate and I ended up making 2 different types of tamales, using both. I never tried his because they had meat in them, but the banana leaf ones worked pretty well, and looked really great.