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What to eat with bangers/ bramley apple bangers? [moved from UK/Ireland]

Hi. Just moved to the UK, and purchased bangers at Tescos, a pack of original British bangers and a pack of bramley apple bangers.

Question: What do you eat with bangers? HOW do you eat bangers?

I mean, my first impulse would be to fry the bangers and eat them with mustard. But bramley apple bangers? Should I eat them with, I don't know, maple syrup?

What should I make with bangers? (Mash, I know, I know...but the issue is, solely bangers with mash sounds awfully boring...)

So, requests for any side-dishes or any other sauces (types of gravy? HP sauce?)

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  1. I am on a pumpkin gnocchi kick. Had them with chicken/apple sausages here the other day. Pumpkin gnocchi with toasted hazelnuts, garlic, sage, and parmesan.

    1. It would have to be sausages with mash and gravy for me. Pork and apple is a lovely combo, although I've not tried the Tesco one. Personally, I wouldn't add anything sweet to them as they caramelise quite a bit when you cook them. Just lots of lovely onion gravy.

      1. You'll find helpful recipes (for UK things) at the BBC website and also Delicious Magazine's, not to mention tons that will come up if you Google.

        Besides Toad in the Hole, I like to grill my sausages and have a nice recipe that uses roasted peppers that come in oil and a mixture goes over tagliatelle or other pasta. (The sausages are cut up into pieces.) It's here:


        1. Serve with jacket potatoes and lots of butter for a basic-but-classic.

          Otherwise, sausages make a lovely casserole: you can cook them in red wine with mushrooms and onions, or in beef consomme with pancetta and lentils, or chop them up with butter beans, bacon and onion and stir into passata with some worcestershire sauce, oregano and dry mustard powder.

          I hope you enjoy them, let us know!

          1. There's another identical discussion on Home Cooking here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8167...
            (we've locked that to consolidate the discussion here on General Topics).

            1. Hmm well i went and bought some of the apples sausages this evening and roasted them as I mentioned on the other thread, with chicken thighs, onions, acron squash, apples and chestnut mushrooms. Sprinkled over some sage. Made a gravy at the end with the meat juices, some white wine and some cider vinegar. Pretty tasty!

              1. Don't know if you'll see my other post since they've consolidated it, but bubble-and-squeak or champ, both w/ plenty of onion brown gravy, are delicious. Oh, and regarding the sausage itself? Don't forget to prick it in several places before cooking. If you have some drippings or bacon fat, you could also make a Yorkshire pudding; untraditional w/ bangers, but delicious. And I'd definitely serve Brussels sprouts or some wilted cabbage w/ a tot of vinegar.

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                  "Don't forget to prick it in several places before cooking"

                  I forgot; it went bang!

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                    Hence the name, darlin'!! I did that too, hungover as hell at a house party where I was the first one up, and so the elected breakfast cook. Each little pop was like a mini-explosion in my brain: it would go "pop" and I'd give a little shriek and back up and then commence cooking again....last time I made THAT mistake, which is why I always give that little piece of salient advice.

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                      And that's also why you should never cook sausages with no clothes on! Another piece of salient advice ;)

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                        Dammit!! I KNEW there was something else I'd forgotten that morning!!

                2. I like them with roasted/grilled white onions. Nothing else!

                  1. Well, I've tried a few of your suggestions with bangers and bramley apple bangers:

                    I get it now. Bangers and mash with a large helping of beef and onion gravy is superb. Divine, some may say (with a pint or two). I haven't explicitly sauteed onions to eat with said bangers and gravy, but that feels like a great combination, particularly with the bramley apple bangers. I had them with Yorkshire pudding...if that's not "traditional" it should be...

                    Now, don't laugh, but I previously just assumed that bangers would go well with Dijon mustard (meh...) or maple syrup (unlike other pork sausages, mine were simply not salty enough). HP sauce is certainly a no-no.

                    I'm not convinced (yet) that cutting them up and putting them in pasta is such a hot idea; surely one would rather use a sausage with more spice (as opposed to sublime porkiness). This is regards to pasta with any sort of tomato-based sauce (e.g. general marinara). Bangers should work well with a big of parmesan (I must try the gnocchi recipe!).

                    Any great recipes for bubble-and-squeak and champ?

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                      Now my mouth is watering for bangers and mash with onion gravy :)