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Nov 9, 2011 06:59 AM

What to eat with bangers/ bramley apple bangers?


Hi. Just moved to the UK, and purchased bangers at Tescos, a pack of original British bangers and a pack of bramley apple bangers.

Question: What do you eat with bangers? HOW do you eat bangers?

I mean, my first impulse would be to fry the bangers and eat them with mustard. But bramley apple bangers? Should I eat them with, I don't know, maple syrup?

What should I make with bangers? (Mash, I know, I know...but the issue is, solely bangers with mash sounds awfully boring...)

So, requests for any side-dishes or any other sauces (types of gravy? HP sauce?)

  1. Onion gravy, mustard mash, peas.

    The bramley ones might be nice baked in a big dish with onions, apples, potatoes and squash, maybe some thyme or sage, maybe the cider syrup mentioned on the WFD thread a couple of days ago.

      1. Mushroom/onion gravy, and bubble-and-squeak or champ.

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