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Nov 9, 2011 06:40 AM

Kitchen table -- custom tabletop options for one?

I'd like to get a custom laminate table for my kitchen: the kind that you see in coffee shops, with illustrations/images of my choice. I can only find institutional options on-line -- any recommendations for a business which caters to individual orders?

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  1. I don't anyone in particular. But, you could look for a kitchen/restaurant supply store in your area. They often have a used equipment section that may have what you are looking for. Most of them are also open to the general public and would easily sell a one-off.

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      ah right, missed the custom part, my error but too late to delete my comment.

    2. This place appears to do small order custom laminate (and it's not cheap, $16/sf - and that's solely for the laminate sheet, your fabricator's costs are added on).

      1. I am not sure how "great" this would work for a table. BUT it is an option.

        I recently purchased from them (I have an older house and purchased vintage style house numbers to go on the glass above my door). The vinyl is relatively thick and you can do custom signs so could pick what you wanted on it. It would essentially be a giant sticker. It would hold up to normal wear and tear on a table but could be cut with a knife.

        It is the same stuff that they use for lettering on the back of a boat, commercial window signs, etc. you'd just need a table with a very smooth flat surface for it to adhere well (you couldn't put it on a plywood top very well I wouldn't think).

        1. a couple of layers of plywood, your images, and a resin/epoxy kit.