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Nov 9, 2011 05:40 AM

Edible Chinese in/near Mansfield?

Coming from Portland next week for a bridge tournament at the Holiday Inn, Mansfield. Good Chinese is one thing we don't have in Portland. Any suggestions?

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  1. Don't eat Chinese!. Seriously maine, Mansfield is about as cosmopolitan as Portland. I guess the key word is "good." Our state alas, does not do Chinese or deli well (at least here up north). Last place I had anything decent in the area was at Willimantic Brew Pub. I guess Panda Express is safe, (maybe because it's a chain), but good? Meh. Maybe someone else knows a hidden gem, but the other places I've tried are not so hot.

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      Oops, my bad: meant Mansfield, MA!!

    2. Check out this thread about a great place that is in Sharon just one exit north on 95 from Mansfield (maybe 6 or 7 miles?):
      I just ate there and updated that thread.

      Here is the website for all four restaurants in the Sichuan Gourmet empire:

      Here's one of many threads about what's good on the menu:

      And one on the non-spicy options:

      Sichuan Gourmet
      388 S Main St, Sharon, MA 02067

      1. Cheng Du in Mansfield Center, they have a nice little lunch buffet that changes daily Mon thru Sat from 11:30 to 1:30, or order from the menu if you can't make the buffet, either way you can't lose, very good.

        1. Mansfield is close to Sharon, which has an outpost of a fantastic Sichuan restaurant called "Sichuan Gourmet.". IMO it's the best Sichuan restaurant on the east coast, though I must admit I do go to DC occasionally for things I can't get in the Boston area.

          1. if you prefer non-spicy food, Mai Place in Canton is not bad for the area.

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              Sichuan isn't necessarily spicy/hot. They use a lot of different spices...there was another thread in the past few months on what to eat at Sichuan Garden or Gourmet if you can't eat spicy food that the OP should search for...

              Sichuan Garden
              295 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445