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Nov 9, 2011 04:28 AM


Each time we give it another chance, we leave saying "not again". We had a $60 Living Social certificate. I purchased it figuring sometime when we were wandering the quarter, we'd sit at the bar and have some drinks and appetizers. Instead, we sat at the bar and had drinks and dinner. The original plan would have worked out better. Anyway, my husband had the fried green tomatoes w/ a spicy warm remoulade -like sauce. It was just ok. I ordered the fried crab fingers w/spicy dipping sauce. It was wonderful. The batter was well seasoned and greaseless. The dipping sauce packed a decent amount of zip (kinda reminded me of the old days, when Chef Paul was at the helm). This was by far the standout. Husband's entree was the seafood stuffed softshel. It was plated with the creamy version of the Chef's Cajun potatoes. FWIW, if you want to taste the original, the recipe is in KPaul's La. Kitchen. It is by far, a much better prep. Some pedestrian haricot verte rounded out the plate. My husband was not particularly impressed, neither was I. It was however better than my entree of blacked
prime ribeye w/brown butter garlic sauce. The steak was cooked a perfect med rare. It was neither
tender nor flavorful plus, it was covered with the sauce, (maybe they knew how lacking the beef was).
A-1 would have been better. The steak was partnered with mashed potatoes and the same haricot verte.
We skipped dessert since it has never been their strong suit. Overall, the food seemed very
Copelandesque. Dare I say, "not again"?

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  1. This is very disappointing to hear. Nothing worse than a perfectly cooked, terrible piece of meat. Every time I have been, I also, have left unimpressed - which begs the question, why do I continue to try? I think I'm hoping to one day have some food there that is truly indicitive of the flavors of Chef Paul, that I desperately want to sample...

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      The meat wasn't "terrible". it was edible, but being a steak lover, something I would not order again. It was definitely not the quality of USDA prime I serve at home. Judging by the lack of rich flavor, my guess would be organic or choice. If it was prime (per the menu), they need a new purveyor.