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Nov 8, 2011 09:04 PM

This foodie just moved from NYC area to Sacramento and needs help!

We live off American River Drive and Watt - and have been happy to find some nearby restaurants to sustain us between unpacking moving boxes. But now it's time to get serious. Really needing some
good Mexican food. Can be upscale or a dive but good. (I stumbled on Chando's tacos the other day - alas, had only one but it was great.) Want Chowhounds' opinions on the don't miss places in Sac.
Could also use some really good pho. And how about Couscous Royale? Looking forward to
a lengthy discourse on all things food in Sacramento with local Chowhounds. Tafttiger.

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  1. Here is a post that discusses some great restos

    Sacramento's strengths are the freshness of the food. Have you checked out the Sunday Farmers' market under the freeway? Also we are only 1 hour -ish away from the Napa Valley and SF for super world class food. I just went to Ad Hoc for brunch on Sunday and it was a super easy drive.

    Just up the street from you is El Rey Azeteca, the food is tasty and their salsa bar is great. Also you can get a great smoked chicken and sides at El Pollo Feliz.

    Ad Hoc
    6476 Washington St., Yountville, CA 94599

    Rey Azteca Taqueria Restaurant
    6140 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA 95608

    El Pollo Feliz
    4715 Whitney Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608

    1. Roma Pizza on Folsom Blvd. Best NY style pie in the area.

      Chinois City Cafe (Watt and Fair Oaks) is great chinese food, cooked with very unique recipes.

      Also on the Chinese front. the Mandarin is my favorite in the area. By Whole Food, Arden and Eastern.

      The Flaming Grill (El Camino and Bell(?) has exotic meats, great burgers and excellent beers.

      For good, and cheap, Mexican food, try the taco trucks (one at El Camino and Howe) and the places that are "ertos" or Carolinas. Great quick mexican food. Huge burritos etc...

      Chinois City Cafe
      3535 Fair Oaks Blvd Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95864

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      1. re: bennyboy1

        i work at watt and american river dr. i like all the places in arden town (where chinois is)-cafe vinoteca, crepe danielle and plan b.
        my husband is mexican and he would second the vote on rey azteca and el pollo feliz. also a new place opened right by us El Forastero-like Adalbertos but he thinks it's better and he would know :)

      2. Thanks for your help so far. Can't wait to try El Rey Azteca. Love Cafe Vinoteca; haven't tried
        Chinois yet but will. Lunch at Danielle's was good but brunch wasn't. Tonight we had our
        first really bad meal in Sacto at Scott's. Won't be going back there. Other places in the nabe
        Zinfandel Grill and Roxie's. Both okay so far for sustenance. Further afield - we've been to
        Waterboy several times before we moved here with our kids and love it. Mulvaney's once -
        it was okay - but we definitely need to go back. Ella's so=so; didn't like Grange much at all.
        Is Casablanca okay? Tried to check out their menu online but couldn't find it. In the meantime
        we are LOVING Sacramento. Chowhounds, keep those recommendations coming!

        Waterboy Restaurant
        2000 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95814

        Cafe Vinoteca
        3535 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95864

        Azteca Restaurant
        4235 E Fountain Way, Fresno, CA 93726

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        1. re: tafttiger

          Too bad, Scott's is usually decent. Jack's Urban eats is great, fast casual etc....Loehmans plaza.

          1. re: bennyboy1

            Scott's has gone downhill all over!

          2. re: tafttiger


            Was that Scott's seafood near Loehmann's?

            Been wondering about that place. What did you not enjoy?

            1. re: bukzin

              Yes, at Fulton & Fair Oaks. Maybe we ordered wrong. Had a sole doree - with egg
              batter. Petrale sole at that which I (being an east coaster until recently) have had only
              at Tadich's Grill in SFO. It was so egg-battered that you couldn't find the fish. Service was
              only so-so; we had a bad table and a bad experience. Too many better places so don't
              need to go back.

          3. I live pretty close to you. I can't help you with Mexican food, but a few of my local favorites are, Rice Noodles for Vietnamese noodle bowls (not Pho) at Arden and Fulton, Maloof's on Fulton for Mediterranean, Kaveri on Fulton for Indian food, Roxy on Fair Oaks Blvd. for happy hour burger, Ettore's for pastries and great pizzas, burgers, roast chicken etc., Noodles and Co. at Loehman's plaza for cheap pasta (not authentic Italian), Grateful Bread at Loehmann's plaza for bread, and Chef Bo on Fair Oaks for Wor Won Ton Soup. My friends like Fins Fish Market on Fair Oaks Blvd and Eastern Empire at Howe and Fair Oaks. I am not keen on either, but to each their own.

            Rice Noodle
            2836 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95825

            Eastern Empire
            460 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825

            Chef Bo
            2310 Fair Oaks Blvd Ste A, Sacramento, CA 95825

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            1. re: free sample addict aka Tracy L

              i have to agree on maloof's- i always forget about that place!

            2. Two recommendations for you, tafttiger. The best Italian deli in town is Corti Brothers, and the best place to get a hot dog is The Wienery. Welcome to the Golden State!

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              1. re: RobertLaughlin

                Robert, we stumbled across The Wienery by accident and thought it was great. Have to go back soon. Have to get to Corti Brothers - just know I'll go nuts there with all the good stuff. Is lunch
                at the Crocker a must? Also clipped an article from the Bee about hamburgers at a place
                called Juno but haven't been.

                1. re: tafttiger

                  Haven't eaten at Juno or the Crocker Gallery, so I can't help you there.

                  One local specialty you must try eventually is Cornish pasties, popularized here by the Cornish miners who came during the Gold Rush. There are plenty of pasty shops in Sacramento and the Mother Lode country, but the best pasties IMO are at Sacramento's The Fox and Goose (which is also the best English pub in town).

                  1. re: RobertLaughlin

                    Adding link for Fox & Goose Public House for Cornish pasties.

                    Fox & Goose Public House
                    1001 R St, Sacramento, CA 95811

                    5530 H St, Sacramento, CA 95819

                    Lemon Grass Asian Grill & Noodle Bar
                    945 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA 95825