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Brown bread in a can


I keep seeing on tv. Should I look for it while I am in Massachusetts?

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  1. I saw a Hi-Rise recipe ina cookbook.

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      I tasted the Hi-Rise brown bread at the farmer's market yesterday and it tasted like a much better version of the stuff that used to come in a can.

    2. it's v good and i have baked it numerous times, but i'm not sure it's worth alot of trouble to find it. to approximate the flavor,think bran muffins. Maybe Durgin Park serves it down in Quicy Market.......

      Durgin Park
      340 Faneuil Hall Market Pl, Boston, MA 02109

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        Oh. Ok. I need to stop watching "Chopped"....


      2. Did you watch Chopped, too? Haha

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          Yes. That is where I discovered this and huitlacoche and black chicken other bizarre foods that I should already have known about....

        2. Most large grocery stores sell cans of either the Friends Baked Beans brown bread or the B & M brand. Is this what you are referring to? It's usually in the baked beans section, and comes with or without raisins. Tasty toasted with cream cheese or butter.

          1. It's worth looking for. Most supermarkets have it next to the baked beans. I laughed when I first saw it in Boston, but it's a unique local item that's great with baked beans.

            1. It's relatively easy to find and most supermarkets carry it so I would say yes, pick up a can. As others stated, it's nice toasted especially with butter or cream cheese. Growing up we always had it with hot dogs and beans.

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                We had brown bread, hot dogs, beans and home fries for dinner every Saturday night!

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                  I'm sure that depends on where you are.

                  I grew up in NYS with family from ME. We always had it with beans and it wasn't hard to find. I don't think I've seen it in a store in the 30 years I've lived in Los Angeles. I had to find a recipe and make my own. Fortunately, it's not that hard to do and tastes sublime if brown bread's what you're looking for.

                2. Definitely worth looking for if your visiting.
                  As mentioned, it goes great with hot dogs and beans, or toasted with butter and cream cheese.

                  1. I haven't Had the chance to try it yet, but Nasons stone house farm in Boxford was referred to in another post for great homemade brown bread and baked beans.

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                      Nason's has excellent baked beans in several varieties as well as other baked goods. While I'm replying to you, I had a pretty good burger up the road on rte 114 at Century House, in the tavern. This is an old school blue hair place, worth a try. Look for my post in this thread.


                      Century House Restaurant
                      235 Andover St, Peabody, MA 01960

                    2. Can find B&M brand in the super markets.

                      1. Used to enjoy B&M Brown Bread, toasted with butter, but one 1/2 inch slice has 400 mg sodium. That combined with the toxic dose of sodium in canned beans makes this a combo I no longer can enjoy. And of course I used to eat at least half a can of the stuff. I'll be looking for the Hi-Rise version though.

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                          Hence the reason I make this myself. Really couldn't be easier.....batter faster than muffins, pour into coffee cans, top w/foil and rubberbands, steam in water bath ~ 2hrs.

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                            Ah yes, flavorful value of prepared foods!

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                              I found a can easily at a supermarket and took it to my friend's apartment to add to her breakfast spread. No one was willing to try it....

                              I still have the can so I will fry it up for the next person to come to my apartment and let you guys know how I like it.

                          2. Are you asking about making it or buying it?

                            My mom used to buy Pepperidge Farm's "Brown Bread" in a can. It was delicious. But unfortunately I don't believe they make it anymore. There may be other brands out there though.

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                              I got a can and read on the side that you can fry it or bake it or toast it so I am going to prepare for my next unsuspecting visitor.

                            2. As others have noted, B&M brand is available nationwide, usually near the canned beans.

                              The roots of this bread can be traced to colonial 'thirded' bread, a yeast bread made with equal parts wheat flour (an expensive ingredient at the time), rye and corn. The molasses flavoring, while not produced locally, was readily available (there was a molasses flood in Boston in 1919). The canned version uses baking soda, and is steamed in the can. It is, in effect, a molasses flavored quickbread.