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Nov 8, 2011 03:29 PM

Some of the best tapas bars of Madrid are in Retiro

Some of the best tapas bars of Madrid are in Retiro. If you are keen on good wine & tapas, do remember this Metro stop: Ibiza. In this area are concentrated some of the best tapas bars of Madrid, leaded by The Five Great: Laredo, Arzábal (two locations), La Montería, La Castela and Casa Rafa. Also, due to unknown reasons by me, this area gathers several interesting Asturian restaurants. Here is a map to crawl bars, but preferably not on Sunday or Monday when several venues are closed.

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  1. Verdad. Tru that and now the secret is out. Besides great food and wine, Barrio Retiro is way more chill than other Tapas hopping barrios. Mainly residential, think UWS NYC so it never gets crazy or out of hand. I have a pal who lives upstairs from O"Grelo (wehich is so so) and we never feel at a loss if we spend 1-2 nights in the barrio.