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Nov 8, 2011 03:25 PM

Autumn Dinner party

I (we are) am cooking a dinner party for 12 --was an item in an auction for my daughter's school. thinking we will do a fall-inspired dinner. (supposed to be 4 courses).

appetizers: thinking onion and grape leaf tarts, and maybe a mushroom wellington in phyllo cups?

soup--or salad? I have a nice recipe for a vegetable ragout served in miniature pumkins that looks good--from the CIA.

Main Course--pork--either herb/garlic roast or a crown roast? butternut or pumkin risotto (if we do the salad instead of the soup) or potato/sunchoke puree, and veggie (brussel sprouts or roasted cauliflower)

Dessert: small, chocolate, chestnut???



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  1. Assume you're cooking and serving... Then I would go with pork tenderloin! Easy to cook for a large group. This is my go to recipe but I use shallots as suggested and really don't spend a lot of time getting a crust on the loin
    Serve with risotto for starter or butternut squash soup (easier) and roasted root veggies inc. red potatoes for the side. Apple tart or something light would be delish for dessert.

    1. for dessert, why not create apple infused parfaits? A great recipe can be found here . A nice ending to a great meal. You could ligthtly put on some chocolate topping on if desired. Good luck and let us know how the meal goes.

      1. I made some pumpkin gnocchi with garlic, sage, toasted hazelnuts, and parmesan shavings... delish! Had it with a pork loin.

        How about individual pastry-wrapped baked apples for dessert? You can put a chestnut filling in the core.

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          Wow - the wrapped apples sound amazing. May try for Thanksgiving if my group stays small!