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Nov 8, 2011 02:49 PM

Chinese style beef / pork jerky- where to buy in London


I am dying for some Beef / pork jerky but don't know where I can buy it in London. I used to go bring back some from Taiwan but its illegal to bring back and I hardly go home now.
Am travelling to Singapore in transit but again its illegal

I am after the oriental style ones that they do in the far east rather than the American/western style. My fav brand in Taiwan is Hsin dung yang in the red packaging but I have never seen it in the UK only in US :(


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  1. Have you tried any of the Wing Yip shops? They have a huge inventory of products... maybe call them to see if they stock what you're after? I got some very good Taiwanese noodles there once.

    1. I know the meat jerky you mean but if you cannot find it in a decent chinese supermarket then I have a feeling meat products are no longer allowed to be exported outside Asia.
      There are many classic meaty treats, and tin stuff I grew up on that are no longer available here even though its still sold in Asia.
      Could be wrong though. Google and find out for sure.

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        cool thanks- i've emailed the manufacturers of the brand i liked in Taiwan who has factory in America. unfortunately we won't be getting any in uk or would have thought they would as i know lots of people would love it - shame. Guess i will just have to gorge on it if i go America or get a chance to go far east again

        1. re: sichuanjunkie

          I might be wrong but I'm pretty sure you can get this easily in Chinatown. I'm sure my gf's chinese dad gets some regularly.

      2. There are large, well stocked chinese supermarkets in London. The main 2 I know of is See Woo in Charlton & Wing Yip in Croydon. Sure you would get it in there.

        1. perfect i will check...hopefully it taste as good as the brand i had from taiwan :)