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Nov 8, 2011 02:38 PM

STUFFING MUFFINS - anyone tried something like this?

I saw these recipes in Food and Wine... I can't figure out if they would be wonderful or, well, not:

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  1. If you are meaning the method, putting individual servings in muffin tins, yes. It's great because everyone gets the crusty part around the edges!
    I didn't read the recipes for flavor... any dressing would work, I'd think.

    1. Hi, Tom P - I posted a similar question at Someone kindly posted a NYT recipe. I am thinking of doing it this year too.

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        Thanks for this! Very helpful. I think I am going to try them!

      2. Tom - I got the food & wine recipes and I made the mushroom/pine nut/lemon one. I thought they came out great. wyogal is correct that there is some crusty outside for everyone, plus the gooey interior as well. I also liked that they were the perfect serving size. I very much liked the lemony punch - but someone who isn't that much into lemon might find the flavor very strong.

        Two things - 1) I think they would have held together better (a couple of mine fell apart) if I had sort of pressed the filling down into the muffin tin, to sort of compact it a bit. And 2) this might be related to #1 as well -- I think I would cut the mushrooms into slightly smaller pieces next time. Some of my slices were quite large and may have contributed to the falling apart thing.

        (Also note that I used vegetable broth, not chicken, since I'm vegetarian. I don't think that would make a difference but I figured I should mention it.)

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          Thank you LNG212. I think I am going to give them a try and will use your advice!

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            Another vote for stuffin' muffins.......If I tried to have Thanksgiving dinner without them, there would be a mutiny! I do add some extra chicken broth, once they have been pressed into the tins, as they can get dry if you get distracted and leave them ini too long. Will try a little butter on top this year as well.