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Artisan Salumi

What's your recommendation for good salumi. Looking to buy either locally or a great online source.

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  1. LA is really lacking in this respect. I do OK at Cheese Store Silver Lake, but it's not anywhere near you would find in Italy.
    I would also like to hear of any good places.

    1. For the Spanish version go to:


      Well worth the trip to Harbor City. Call ahead if you want the paella lunch on Saturdays.

      1. Cookbook in Echo Park carries salumi and sausages from Boccalone, which are pretty damn good. They're made in SF, but Cookbook brings them down often and they're always fresh. I'm sure they could order whatever you want as well.

        Boccalone website: http://www.boccalone.com/

        1549 Echo Park Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026

        1. Salumi of Seattle is what they serve at Mozza. It is also owned by Armandino Batali, Mario Batali's dad. It is available by mail order at this link.

            1. Cube on LaBrea sells stuff but it is pricey, a great selection! Try Claros Italian Markets and get the Alpino, salami with prosciutto in it!

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                The Alpino salami at Claro's is fantastic especially for the price. I prefer this over a lot of the more expensive stuff you find at Whole Foods, Bristol or other places named in other threads.

                Another option depending on where you live is Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. They have a random assortment of chubs from unknown provenance with great variety and flavors. It's not cheap but you will find something you like from the bin.

              2. Fra'Mani is served at restaurants like AOC and can actually be found (in limited selection and quantities) at Whole Foods. It's Paul Bertolli's company. He used to own Oliveto restaurant in Oakland (one of my faves in the bay area), but quit to focus on salumi. Their Toscano is probably my favorite of any cured meat. I've never really been impressed by the stuff at Boccolone (except the spreadable salami, which is pure awesomeness).
                If you're anywhere near pasadena, Ross at Roma Deli on Lake imports incredible mortadella and prosciutto san daniele. He also carries 2 great kinds of sopressata which are italian, but i can't remember the brands. nicest guy in the world and with amazing prices.

                8022 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

                1. Several Whole Foods have good selections and carry Creminellii salumi.


                  And the Cheese Shop of Beverly Hills carries Fra'Mani from Berkeley.


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                    Go Bears! I miss the Cheese Board in Berkeley

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                      Just posted about Norcini at Santa Monica Place.